[Applause] Good morning. I just kinda gotta let those
words go a little bit you know. We are family. [Cheering] I got all my sisters and. And brothers. Oh man what is it like to build
such a big family? [Shouting] Man. What are y’all doing in my
living room? [Laughter] No. You know just. We’re doing it. [Cheering] We’re doing it. Oh man but I promise you we’re
still in the beginning. We’re still in the beginning. We’re gonna do a lot more. [Shouting] We do have big ideas. We do have big plans. [Shouting] I’m not gonna tell you what
they are right now. [Shouting] There’s, there’s, there’s so
much that I, that we envision. And it will become real. It will become true. So the question is as we
continue to innovate, as we continue to evolve, as we
continue to become a dominant exemplary company on the planet
in our industry and in travel. How are we going to be? How are we going to be with each
other along the way? So it always comes back to you,
it always comes back to now. And are you doing your job, are
you running your race? So I wanted to just talk to you
about what that looks like to me. This is how I think I’m gonna be
able to serve you best today and provide value to you today. We are in Louisville, Kentucky
and you know it’s interesting that some people, you know, that
I looked up to from afar are from here. You know, we got Muhammad Ali
Boulevard right out here. [Cheering] And it’s fun just to watch that
persona come out. You know, I am the greatest. I’ll show you how great I am. You know, and what was really
cool is he’s got, you know, his museum of sorts here. And we have some WorldVentures
people and they’re there and he comes in for his 71st birthday
at the end and we get a picture of you know our WorldVentures
Reps and Muhammad Ali with a You Should Be Here sign. That’s cool. [Cheering] You know, when we do these kind
of trainings we bring up people like that through so many years
I brought up stories of, you know how the Colonel, Colonel
Sanders, Kentucky Fried Chicken. That’s one heck of a story. Here’s a guy who thought he was
too old. Gets that check from the
government says this ain’t gonna do it. What do I have of value? What can I go out there and
sell? Living out of his car for the
most part, traveling around the country trying to sell his
recipe. Restaurants wouldn’t buy it. He says just pay me on the
increase. [Increase] John Irving says increase. And so they do and of course it
works out and that guy had a personality. He was a character. I don’t want you to blend in. You know who are you? What’s your character? Who are you out there talking
to? A real key to my success as a
Rep really was seeing more in other people than they saw in
themselves. You know it’s when I met
Jefferson. It’s when I met Matt, Jeff
Bolf. I mean these are just good
people. Hungry guys, and I knew I was
willing to work hard and I just wanted to do it with them. I know that a lot of you that’s
what you need. You need somebody to latch on to
you and believe in you. And you gotta latch on back. This was all built when you look
at 9,000 people plus this was all built off just the buddy
system. You know I teamed up with
Jefferson, you know at a time. And then we worked, worked,
worked, worked. And we made a difference in each
other’s lives. And then later on I met Matt. I teamed up with Matt and we
worked, worked, worked, worked, worked until we changed each
other’s lives. Who are you partnered with? Who are you running with? Who do you have in your life
that sees it the way you see it? I’m happier here, I’m happier in
the company, I’m happier that you’re coming to trainings. But the world’s big right? There’s a lot of things to go
see there’s a lot of things to go do and you want that right? [Cheering] So you gotta have who’s that
one person, who’s that one running buddy that you have that
you’re just gonna lock arms with? It’s not everybody. It’s not the big number. It’s just who do you have with
that relationship? Are you able to work your way up
the line and put your upline to work? I was a servant leader to these
guys I said call me anytime. I’ll outwork you for your own
success. You’ll quit on you before I quit
on you. [Applause] My favorite athlete from
Kentucky, 5 foot tall, 1200 pounds, Seabiscuit. Who of y’all have not seen the
movie Seabiscuit? Let me walk you through it. You can become a pro-networker
watching some movies like Rudy, Remember the Titans; Rudy is
kind of how you gotta be. Remember the Titans is how we
gotta be. But Seabiscuit from Kentucky, do
you have this in you? Do you have it in you like in
the movie they describe Seabiscuit he’s gonna take on
War Admiral. And on paper War Admiral has all
the credentials. This horse looks unbeatable. I mean just big beauty of a
horse. And Seabiscuit had these little
legs with this big body, losing all his races. They had all written him off. This one owner comes in and buys
him. The owner lost his child, was
hitting bottom emotionally, needed that positive distraction
in life, got into horse racing. He didn’t pick the horse the
owner picked the trainer and then the trainer picked the
horse. This guy Tom Smith that was the
trainer had no people skills whatsoever, no communication
skills, but he knew horses. He says you know I looked at
this horse and that horse kind of looked back and me and gave
me a nod. He said he knew that horse had
personality. This horse, nobody could mess
with this horse. Nobody could touch it, do
anything it was just ornery as all get out. So here’s this trainer, here’s
this horse, here’s this owner. They came together as a team. The reason this matters to me is
because we spend so much time talking about I, me. They won. Seabiscuit didn’t win. Seabiscuit and the Jockey won. The trainer won. The owner won. It was a team and when you
understand this story and you see how these unique people and
this animal came together and they won together you start to
recognize how can I apply this in my life and the business and
how do I respect other people around me who aren’t necessarily
like me but are a part of a winning team? So it about you it is about who
you are going to partner with, it is about what you’re plugging into. Seabiscuit didn’t like anybody,
they needed a rider, this guy, this jockey had, is also losing
all his races. He goes through all the barns
nobody will let him ride their horses. I mean the guy’s just got a track
record of losing. In the last stall is Seabiscuit
and Seabiscuit can sense something about this jockey,
this guy that’s too big to be a jockey. And there’s this connection and
it’s interesting how it works in the world that when, when you
start thinking internally and in your heart and everything about
what you want that the world can start lining up stuff and people
and everything to just come. And you gotta look for these
little miracles, look for these little opportunities. But this trainer witnesses this
horse take to that one guy. And he sees that bond. He sees that relationship. And even though on paper this
jockey looks terrible, on paper this horse looks terrible. On paper neither one of them
look like they’re ever gonna succeed in life or do anything
great. Can you relate? But they come together as a team
as horse and rider. And you gotta see this movie. And in the big race when they’re
gonna match up the number one race horse that’s out there this
War Admiral that’s winning all these races against this horse
and jockey over here that look like they ain’t even got a shot
but they start to win together because the trainer believed in
him the owner believed in him and they’re all playing a role. The owner used to take the
horseshoes after the race of Seabiscuit and turn them into
ashtrays and send the ashtrays to the reporters. And so Seabiscuit is in the
news. That owner was kind of doing his
job stirring the pot, making something happen, pressuring to
create this race. He had a vision of these horses
coming together and creating this race. But he had to go stir it up. He was doing his job. When this jockey couldn’t ride
Seabiscuit because he got hurt in this big match up race
between War Admiral and Seabiscuit and they’re gonna
run, they’re gonna have to have another jockey. This winning jockey, very
experienced winning jockey is about to ride a horse that looks
like a loser. He’s thinking this is gonna be
my loss. Looks like a good horse. He asked for advice. And he says let me tell you the
nature of this horse. When it’s go time pour on the
gas, let him out, let him go. But when he’s out in front,
they’re coming around, slow him up, let him see that other
horse. Let him get eye to eye. When that horse looks another
horse in the eye he finds a whole other gear. It’s go time. Can you identify with characters
in movies? Can you use them to be your
mentor, your trainer, your upline when your upline’s not
around? I got to tell you this is how I
learned. When I was in the Marine Corp. [Cheering] And I got my drill instructor
and he’s the guy and he takes off running I’m like don’t lose
that guy. And as I take off after my drill
instructor and I got, I just see his feet going like this and I
see his calves pumping and I just, I just, I’m focused and
I’m, don’t lose that guy. If I don’t lose that guy odds
are I’m gonna finish, finish first. I know I’m hurting, I’m breathing
heavy, I’m hurting, I’m burning, I want to quit. But in my head focus, focus,
don’t lose that guy and honestly my experience in life is you can
almost count on other people to quit. I tell you this as a group as a
big audience but I’m not talking to you as a big audience. I’m just talking to you like one
person. When you’re running like that
every one of these leaders will tell you when they get up on
this stage and you recognize them for hitting the arm and
above and you’re seeing the success that you didn’t see all
the lessons along the way, all the no’s along the way. People don’t remember Babe Ruth
as the strike out king. They only remember him as the
homerun king. You don’t see all of us as
strike out kings. But it’s that internal fortitude
that Zoe exemplified of doing it over and over and over and over
again and then being seen now as the home run king. When we got to town some of
y’all were there I was at CVS buying, we were getting diapers
and everything for Savannah. And a little groceries for our
room. And there was the check out girl
that we went to. And her name was Jaz and she had
this great attitude. And I’m just playing with her as
she checks us out, just talking to her, just getting the sense
of her as a person. I notice a good attitude when I
see one. And I want a person like that on
my team. I’d rather have her on our team
than the CVS Team. [Applause] Because if I see somebody being
good at anything I think they’ll be good at anything. She has a great attitude. I know stuff she doesn’t know
yet. I’ve done stuff she hasn’t done
yet. I don’t think I’m better than
her. I see her as my equal. I’m betting that deep down
inside her somewhere she probably wants a change. I mean what do you think a
checkout person at CVS makes per week, per month, per year? What are the advancement
opportunities? If I feel like I’ve spent a lot
of years learning and being in the trenches and doing it and
getting all this in there don’t I believe that I could help that
person or change their life? And I do mean me. I could once you get all that
knowledge you could provide some guidance, some coaching and some
things like that yeah. But I can only help her so much
without a vehicle, an opportunity. Does that make sense? So what about when I meet a
quality person like that with a great attitude and I’ve been
preparing myself for years and years and years and we’ve been
building a very unique and special opportunity and then I
show up with both of those. Yeah do I believe that me plus
this can change her life dramatically? At that time I’m not looking for
everybody. I’m looking for this one. And I’m gonna ask. I’m gonna show it to her. I’m not a salesperson. I’m not trying to sell you
anything. I just want to show it to you
and see if you see what I see. So she had this, she had this
great personality, she had this great attitude. So then I, we step aside, take
our things I watch how she handles the next customer, same
thing. Same great personality, same
great attitude. So then, my time’s valuable I
don’t have time to just talk to everybody or just recruit
anybody. You learn how to notice, you
learn how to see, you learn how to be selective. So I go back to her, I interrupt
her. I don’t know if her boss is
around there’s an elderly lady there and I thought it might be
her boss. I’m like give me your email
address. And she don’t know I could be a
crazy guy I don’t know with a baby. [Laughter] She’s like why? Cause you have a great attitude. [Laughter] That’s what I told her. She’s like why? I’m dead serious. I’m dead serious because you’ve
got a great attitude. And whether she knows what I
mean or not I know what I mean. I don’t know if she’s gonna join
us. I’ll leave here in a little
while and I’ll go over there and see if she’s working and say hi
and see if I can get her over here. I just believe though I see the
greatness in her. I don’t know if she’ll do it or
not. Let’s say she doesn’t. Did I lose anything? No cause I didn’t have her to
begin with. But what if she says yes? [Applause] I like, I like the fact that if
I never talk to her again or see her again or recruit her if she
joins or not I like that I recognized that she had a great
attitude and I told her she had a great attitude. [Applause] And maybe her day’s a little
brighter. Those are those everyday heroes
to me. Those are the Seabiscuits of the
world to me. I don’t think she knows
that she’s probably like Seabiscuit, that there’s that
champion inside. But she needs a team to rally
around her. I know so many of you are
probably that way. And the reason I tell you all
this is because it’s important to me that you run your race. By definition there can only be
one fastest person to RMD or IMD. By definition there can only be
one top money earner. Hey if you’re like Seabiscuit if
you want to run ok. Got some catching up to do but
what’s most important to me is that you run your race, you know
that you’re doing the job, that you’re doing it right, that you’re
enjoying the job, that you can appreciate the company,
appreciate all the other people in the company, know that no
matter how long it takes you that we care about you. [Applause] That we’re glad you’re here,
we’re glad you’re at least on the path, we’re glad that you
have positioned yourself to succeed. Do we think you should do it
faster than slow? Yeah. Do we believe in momentum? And getting big Mo on your side? So what’s it going to take? Takes focus, takes making it a
priority in your life. If you’re passionate about
something you don’t get burned out. You’ll get up early, you’ll go
to bed late, you’ll work all day and you’ll work all night and if
you’re passionate about it, it’s not a problem. One thing that I built my
business on that helped me was income statistics in America the
richest country in the history of the world. And one thing that I’d like to
share with you that I think’s important that you should know
and consider not only as you build this for yourself but as
you go introduce it to other people. Let’s talk about the math, let’s
talk about the dynamics. What is the truth in the world? Taking you out of it,
WorldVentures out of it, all of it. What are just the numbers? What do the statistics say
whether we exist or not? Here’s what’s going on. Yesterday Troy talked about the
2% and the 98% remember? And the floaters? When I started networking that
used to be the numbers then when I started networking and I was
building it was 3% made over $100,000 a year. So it was the 3% and the 97%. Now it’s 7% make over $100,000 a
year. Sounds good right? Sound better? Until you realize that the poor
are getting poorer. So if the poor are getting
poorer and that number is growing and the rich are getting
richer and that number is growing, where are the numbers
coming from? The middle. What group are you in in life
outside of WorldVentures? So there’s a big decision to be
made and this is something I did on purpose and I think it’s a
healthy thing to be aware of I think it’s a healthy decision to
make. If the middle class is being
pulled apart and you’re in the middle class right now and
you’re straddling the line and over here is that 7% and growing
and over here is the other 93%. What group do you want to be in? So let’s say you make it into
that group making over $100,000 a year. That would be better right? [Shouting] Does that make you a better
person? Does it make you better than
anybody else? No, of course not. But when you take care of
yourself can you take care of other people? It’s who you became on that path
when you make that decision what does it take when you make a
decision and what does it take to get there? And then when you do get there
and now you have some credibility, when people have
that $100,000 ring in WorldVentures what they’re
saying is I’m in that 7%. I got there. Here’s the proof I got there. [Applause] And the only reason I got there
is because I helped other people. I learned and now I feel like
I’m in a position to help you. Do you want to get here, too? Do you want to be in this group? Why is this important? Just because quality of life. Nobody, does anybody have a goal
to be average? Or have an average ho hum life? No. So you all in the back. [Shouting] You have to know that you can
make a difference. That uncommon knowledge is
unfortunately uncommon but when you invest the time and the
money to be here and you get uncommon knowledge from all the
great trainers that we have, you are unique, you are special, you
are a leader. You’re gonna leave here and
you’re gonna go back home and you’re gonna go talk to these
strangers. You know we’re building
something together. And you matter, you being here
getting this knowledge matters. I want to know what is it that
we’re gonna co-create together? In the Marine Corp they say a
chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. We don’t want any weak links,
you being here, you’re getting better and better. You’re gonna make our company
better and better. We’re not after everybody but if
you find those people that have that great attitude. You know I’m asking you please
let them know we have a home for them. [Cheering] There is a company out there
that just gets that about you and it has a home for you that
cares about the world that we’re building. So there’s gonna come a time,
soon, you’re just gonna see all the investments that we’re
making in the company for your future. We want to do everything we can
to serve you, to make your opportunity better. And as you come here and you
make yourself better and as we work inside the company to make
the company better and you’re getting better and we’re getting
better, when we hit that 10 year anniversary [Applause] this company is not going to
look like anything else out there, nothing on the planet to
compare it to. [Applause] It’s going to be obvious, it’s
going to be obvious. So I need you to be thinking
like that. That you are preparing yourself
to be the foundation of this company that is spreading around
the world, that is planning for world wide growth and support
and you’re gonna get a flavor of that later on today. But I’m so proud of what we’ve
done in the United States I’m extremely excited to see what’s
going on international and around the world. I love that the dream has become
a reality where we’re becoming friends with all of our
WorldVentures Representatives in other countries. And the whole world, you know,
it’s shrinking it’s coming together. All of our lives are a lot more
interesting, you know, because of one another. And when I take in, you know an
event like this one with this many people when I start to
imagine how we can all serve each other, how we’re doing this
together, it’s unique, it’s special and we have to
appreciate it because I’ve had it and I’ve not had it and when
you’ve got something this good in your life right now what if
it didn’t exist? But it does and so for that I’m
grateful. Thank you. [Applause]