– Hey everyone, Devin here,
and while we here at Ladylike are definitely getting
into the spooky spirit, October is also the month of boobs. Saving the boobs, specifically. That’s right, it’s breast
cancer awareness month and this year we’re doing
something pretty special. Ladylike is flying my mom out from Atlanta to LA to fit her with the proper bra that won’t hurt her back. ‘Cause my mom’s a breast cancer survivor and quite frankly one of the
most badass women I know. It’s Ladylike, it’s Sharon-like. And this week we’re going
bra shopping with my mom. (whooshes and squeaks) Hi mom. – Hi. I’m Sharon Lidell, I had
breast cancer when I was 40 and when you were two years old. While I was at work and
my gynecologist called me and said Sharon, you need to
go in to see a breast surgeon and I said I don’t have time
to go see a breast surgeon. My gynecologist said, well
they’re a sign of breast cancer Sharon. I remember sitting in
the room waiting for him to come in and he popped into the room and he handed me a box of tissue and I thought whoa, this
is a little more serious than I thought. I felt like oh my gosh, why
is this happening to me. At that time the only choice I
had was to remove the breast, but it wasn’t a difficult
decision for me to take off my breast because I had this
wonderful family at home. For me, living with one
breast wasn’t the problem. It was the worry that I
had about the other breast. And I think that’s probably
common for most women. You might be getting the flu and you think you’re getting breast cancer again. I just decided and the
doctor was a proponent of it just to take the other breast off. – Because my mom has been
so private about her cancer, and the disease, she’s
always just been my mom and so I’ve like
cognitively, logically known that she’s a breast
cancer survivor but to me she’s my mom and so when I think about breast cancer awareness
month I think about like how important it is because if
we didn’t have organizations to help research for breast
cancer I wouldn’t have my mom. The month of October
for me is just a month for me to reflect on how
incredibly blessed I am. Because there’s a lot of girls out there who don’t have their mom
because of breast cancer and I’m so lucky that I have a job where I can fly her out and
fit her with the proper bra. Like that is so cool. For me this is very special
and I’m really excited that I get to do this
with my mom this weekend. – Once a woman has
breast cancer, they think she’s lost her femininity,
just because you don’t have a breast doesn’t mean
you’re any less a woman and I am very much a survivor and I’ve been very blessed
with a wonderful husband and a terrific family
and beautiful daughter. – I’m taking my mom to a
special bra shop in Long Beach called Lucy’s Boudoir and
they not only specialize in all things booby, they fit
women of all different shapes and sizes and they’re actually
bringing in a representative with different prosthesis
companies to help fit my mom with two prosthesis
that are lighter for her that won’t hurt her back anymore. And hopefully they’ll give
her a bra that’s like fun and makes her feel like
wild and free and sexy. Growing up with my mom and
how she never really made it about her ever, it was
always about my brother and I I never thought of my mom as less than even though she didn’t
have breasts, pretty much my entire life. – You just have to dig deeper in yourself and realize how strong you are and how much you can overcome. I’m looking forward to
being fitted tomorrow. – In the mean time, we’re
probably gonna go eat lunch and go shopping, because
why not, mom’s here. (upbeat music) Look how fun this shoe is. – Uh yeah, – [Devin] You like that? – Yeah I think this is cute maybe for you. – [Devin] Mom I would
look like Miss Frizzle. – Frizzle? – [Devin] Yeah like in Magic School Bus. – Oh. – [Devin] What are you wearing? – I’m wearing a scarf
that you need to take to Germany for Thanksgiving. – [Devin] Oh my god mom. – Yeah it’s like a down comforter,
and it would be so warm. Everything is always too long. – [Devin] Momma you’re a petite lady. It looks great on you though. You’re beautiful no matter what cup size. – But I like this shirt. – [Devin] It looks great on
you, and with those pants its super cute. – I can’t wear this kind of thing ever. This is the kind of stuff you should wear and appreciate it. – Full disclosure my mom
actually went bra shopping about three for months ago. – And bought two new breast forms and a slew of new bras, I
walked in and I, you know, once again explained that
I had some back issues and my bras weren’t fitting well and and I walked out with the same bras and the same breast forms. – I don’t really understand
that, if you walk into a place and you explain that your
back is starting to hurt along the bra line, why
would they let you walk out with the same bras, as your daughter and as someone who loves
you, it kind of turns me into a bulldog. My mom just told me I
have to wear lingerie and appreciate it. (upbeat music) – Good morning, I’m Sharon
Lidel, nice to meet you. – Good morning Sharon,
nice to meet you too. (sparkling music) we’re here today with Theresa
Antridger and with Sharon and Theresa and I are
going to team up today to help Sharon find a special type of bra and a special type of form. – I have back pain that
I’ve had for many many years and because I’ve had it
for many, many years, it aggravates right along my bra line. – Any woman which has back
pain, she has to check up on her bra, if the bra is
the correct fit for her, if the straps are correctly adjusted and if the bra line and the
band is the right band size. It all helps if the bra
is your correct size and if the bra is
perfectly for your needs. – When a woman comes in to Lucy’s Boudoir and she has recently had a mastectomy or you know, anywhere in between, it’s a very emotional experience because what you’re
dealing with is a woman who feels like she’s not whole anymore. We’re here to give that back
to them as best as we can. – When you are diagnosed
with breast cancer and then after the surgery
like who taught you? – Well nobody really teaches you that, which is a shame, knowing
not how to fit anyone, you know it’s not, it’s kind of like, you don’t have a mom
there to help you with it. You know when I first got breast cancer, my insurance company said
that I could have two bras for my lifetime, that’s
how long ago it is. That’s how far we’ve come. – Mm-hmm. – And I said well should I
wash it on alternate years or what? That’s how. – You got smart with them. – Well I have a smart mouth so. (laughs) – We have lots of different
options for you today to try different bras, different versions, different breast forms,
so we’re very happy that we can do this today. (upbeat music) – It was so cool to see her
like whip out her suitcase of boobs and they were
all different shaped and they counted for distribution of fat that women naturally carry in our breast. We all don’t have the same
breast size and breast shape. Back in the days only this shape was available as a breast form, it’s called a tear drop shape
but since we develop so much in the last years, now different shapes and different silicon
types are available to us. – You were wearing a size five,
we learned today that a five correlates to a D mom. You were wearing a D cup. – Right well it certainly
didn’t look like a D cup I got news for you. – So when I did the fitting for your mom, I noticed that her bra
was not the right bra she should wear, the bra
had very thin straps, gave her very little
support, actually the straps, digged into her shoulders
and that’s maybe why, she had so much back pain. So most important in women
sometimes don’t recognize that, that the bra is giving you
the whole lift and support to secure the breast firm and shape. So you need to have the correct bend and the correct cup size, and the correctly adjusted straps as well. – Obviously we were trying
on clothes all this weekend and like shopping and I
noticed that your prosthesis was peaking out of your
bra but I feel like that’s always kind of how you had it. – I know and that was
what always bothered me. – So the breast form that
she wears in this bra, they were the size which she
wanted but they were not, in the correct bra, so the size
five which she really wants and which the breast type and
the perkiness that she wants to achieve was just not in the right bra. – You know I could see my prosthesis and it was on the top of my
skin and my bra was much lower so obviously things
weren’t copacetic there. It wasn’t fitting right. – Mm-hmm. – And I thought well, maybe
that’s how it’s supposed to be. It’s incredulous to me
that people accept this and never think about, well
maybe there’s a better way. – You lived your entire
life letting this happen and yet you would not let
me get a B in chemistry, like come on. – No. – No, (laughs) – You were much better than that. – She had a bilateral mastectomy
so she was able to choose which is the best fit for her and she picked the triangular shape. So we will start showing
her some t-shirt bras, padded bras lacy bras,
sports bras and we will see what she likes most and we
will go and have fun with it. – The first bra that I tried
on is the one I purchased. – We went straight to our Valentino bra and it’s a specialty which you liked a lot was the cushion straps,
wider cushion strap, they are centered more towards the inside, so they’re not slipping off the shoulders. – It was so comfortable and it didn’t hurt my back
but then I was really excited because they had a sports bra. – And this was like your first time, ever wearing a sports bra right? – Absolutely. – The specialty about this
bra is that its seamless and it has a super nice
wicking microfiber. It’s nice and wide,
gives a lot of coverage and it’s just very very
comfortable bra, it’s a great every day bra too, so it’s
not just for any activities. – When I put this bra on, I
could wear this all the time – Yeah. – I could wear it under a
sweater, I could wear it under a blouse, I was like
oh boy, this is great. So I wanted that bra. – Yeah. – It feels great because I
don’t feel like I have a bra on and that’s a wonderful feeling. – And that’s what you were looking for. – Absolutely. – A bra that became a part of you. – Absolutely. There was more love
and caring shown today, I think it’s real important
for you to be your own advocate to ask questions and
insure that you’re treated with respect and you don’t feel like you’re on a conveyor belt so to speak. That’s part of the
learning process for me, I would really need to be more persistent. You’ve given me a whole new life and I really really appreciate it. – Ah you’re very welcome. – This morning was all about
you, so I just wanted you to be in the bra shop, I
wanted you to be the center of attention, I wanted the
video to all be about you so how did it feel to
be in a Ladylike video? – I felt very special and
that’s, was a very good feeling. I think all women, you know,
who have breast cancer, should feel special like that. It was an experience for me to give back to whoever watches this because
no matter if you’re young middle aged, you’re gonna be touched by breast cancer somewhere in
your life, whether its you, yourself or your mother,
or somebody in your family. Thank you not only for the
opportunity to have that fitting but to be able to say
something about this. – You always have been so
fashionable in my life, and I’ve loved clothing and, – Oh yeah. – And I love, and you know
I think that’s actually a good thing because I think that a lot of our power kind of derives
in our fashion statements for some people and so I
hope that this kind of opens up your world a little bit more and that gives you a bit more freedom to like be the badass
fashionable woman that you are. – Oh thanks. Thanks. – I love you momma. Getting a custom fitting for my mom, the badass cancer survivor, lady tested. – And lady approved. – Lady a-boobed. (laughs) – Ah mom. – I don’t know that I’ve
stayed a breast of everything, so to speak. – Coming at you with
the boob puns everyone. (laughs) – [Sharon] Abreast of what’s going on. (whooshes and squeaks)