– Hey guys! This is Austin and Drop? Is this what Massdrop
changed their name to? – [Ken] Yes. So this is one of their
Bounty Boxes, and it has- – Wait! Wait! Are you trying to tell me this is full of like mystery items? You get so lazy, you
couldn’t even get stuff for Mystery Tech, you
just bought a random box? – [Ken] This is the
epitome of Mystery Tech ’cause even I don’t know what’s in there. Well, I prescreened it, but I didn’t take anything out. – [Austin] Well, okay, all right. Well this is a lotta stuff. What? What? Wait, wait. How much is this box? [Ken] Two hundred and fifty dollars. – Two (laughing) I don’t, I’m not even gonna be mad. All right, so this is the
Kershaw Zing SS Knife. Whoo, so Kershaw actually
does make pretty nice knives. It seems, well, pretty dull, but that’s fine. All right, we’ll use this
to open everything else up. Well we have to start with
Lumenology portable motion light. This is, meh. This is not even good. What, what is this? (upbeat music) So this is a light. Is it bright, Ken? You’re not even on the camera! You’re not even paying attention! – [Ken] I’m tryna – Ken! – [Ken] I’m tryna see
how much of a value – – Look, look! I’m in front of the camera, and you’re not doing anything right now. – [Ken] How long does it take? – Don’t worry about it. (suspenseful music) – Okay. Okay, it’s off now. Now if I get up right
now, it should turn on. Everyone ready? – [Ken] Yes. – Ahhh! It literally works, it works. Great Mystery Tech item, Ken. – [Ken] Cool, how much do you think it is on its own? – Thirty dollars. – [Ken] Forty. (Austin singing Twilight Zone theme song) – So right now we have sixty
five dollars worth of value out of our two hundred fifty dollar box. Let’s see what else we have. A ForeverSpin CNC top. Oh it’s made out of titanium! Ooh wait, how much is this? A ForeverSpin titanium top? – [Matt] That is forty-seven dollars. – Forty-seven dollars for a titanium top. Titanium top is a fun thing to say. A titanium top. (upbeat music) Okay! That’s not particularly
worth forty-seven dollars. However, it’s okay. None of this stuff is trash. The BGVP DMG. Ultimate quality six driver
hybrid in your ear phones. Isn’t the whole point of
an earphone to be in ear? – [Ken] Also I would take out I see a topping thing over there. I’m pretty sure that’s
a DAC and amp of some – – Ooh! This goes together. Ah… Well it supports high res audio wireless. Interesting. – [Ken] That’s cool. – So my guess is this is
a hundred fifty bucks? – [Matt] Hundred fifty nine. – Hundred fifty nine, okay. And then how ’bout that amp? I’m going to say one twenty. – [Matt] I see it right
now on sale for one eighty. – Ooh! – [Matt] When it’s not
on sale, two twenty. – So essentially right now, the headphones and the amp are
about the price of the box. – [Ken] So not bad. – I mean, not terrible,
but it’s very dependent on is this something you actually want? Hey Ken? This didn’t come with a power adapter. – [Ken] What? No, it’s bus powered. – Is it bus powered though? No. – Are you sure it didn’t come with one? No way. There’s no way. – [Austin] Wait, I thought I saw one. Oh wait, no. I plugged it in already. I plugged it in like thirty seconds ago. (laughing) – [Ken] How have you been – like operating for the past ten years? I don’t understand. How old is the channel? – [Matt] People look to you for advice. – Oh, well that fits pretty well just with the standard ear tips. That’s actually a surprisingly good seal. Like that’s really killing
like pretty much any noise. (clicking) – Ooh! You hear that? (clicking) Oh yeah! That’s what I’m talking about. All right, crank it down,
so I don’t accidentally blow my ears out. Let’s listen to the new Madeon. Holy (beep). (upbeat music) What the (beep)? It’s incredible just how
much separation there is between the different
segments of the audio, right? I mean, the bass feels like
it’s in its own little pocket. The highs are in their own little pocket. Like it’s so clear. Okay, okay, okay. After listening to them
for a little bit longer, they’re not like the most
incredible thing ever. There are a couple of
headphones that I’ve listened to which are a little bit better, but I mean, when we’re
getting into this kind of level of being an audiophile, it’s like a game of inches, right? I mean another thousand
dollars might get you two percent better here, and
five percent better here. I mean this is incredible. Like this is seriously
some of the best sounding, definitely for sure the
best sounding headphones we’ve ever had on Mystery Tech. Like it’s not even close. The only things I’ve listened to that are better than this are like the really insanely high-end stuff. And honestly, Dude, these are really nice. Like I legit wanna like
start carrying these. Like they’re small enough, they’re portable enough. I dunno if I need this DAC
to actually drive them, so I dunno if I necessarily
want to use it with my phone. But super super impressive. All right, your lazy Massdrop excursion was actually a success. This stuff was pretty solid. Except for this. This was a little bit much. Is that the Razer Blackwidow Lite? – [Ken] Yes it is. – [Austin] Didn’t we do a
video on this last year? Or earlier this year? – [Ken] Yes. – And that’s the
Opto-Mechanical switch that (mechanical clicking) That’s what I love. That we did a video on last year. Okay, I’m sensing a Razer theme here. Razer switches, Razer switches. – Nut. – I don’t see where
you’re going with this. – [Ken] So I might’ve found
the next best button ever. – I don’t think you did. Okay. It’s just a pillow. It’s just an enter key- a what, oh. I thought it was just an enter key pillow. (laughing) This is really just an enter key? Is this all this does? – [Ken] Yes. (laughing) – Aight, I’m in, I’m in. Sign me up. Let’s go to YouTube.com/thisis, maybe? – [Matt] Can you stop promoting
This Is for one minute? – Ready? (Austin laughing) Yep, it worked. That’s it. The end. End the video. Thanks for watching. The enter button works. All right. Let’s go to (keyboard tapping) (laughing) Okay. We’re going to tweet
using the enter button. Oh wait. I’m just spacing my tweet down. [Ken] Control enter. – [Austin] Okay fine. Ready? And… Sent. This is how I will tweet from now on. The people on Twitter already
know that we’re shooting Mystery Tech right now. Congratulations! You figured it out. You see weird things on Twitter, you know it’s Mystery Tech time. – Nut – [Ken] We got a gift from
our friends at Microsoft. – Oh! (laughing) So actually I do know what this is. This is the brand new Gears
Five edition of the Xbox One X. So Microsoft, they very
graciously provided it, and Ken shoehorned it in as Mystery Tech, but I know what this one is. Oh actually, I haven’t seen it yet. It looks really cool. Microsoft, I apologize
for using the nut button to introduce your wonderful product, which I’m sure you took many many hours, and you wanted to come
and hand deliver it to us because we’re such good friends. You really deserve better than that. However, even I’m not above a good – Nut – Joke. Yo, okay, that’s actually pretty cool. So its got like the
diamond grips on the back and it actually even has like
a real medal little emblem. Its even got like the triggers, too. The textured triggers. This actually might be one of the coolest Xbox controllers I’ve seen. Dude are you serious right now? If you look really closely, you can see that this part is actually inlaid, so there’s like the front plastic piece, and then you can see
that it’s a clear piece on top of the actual Gears logo. Oh dude, the cracks are even real. Like they’re actually
etched into the console. Oh dude look it’s even
got like the Horde logo on the bottom with the snow. This is really cool. It’s actually got tons of – – Nut – Thanks. That’s a well placed nut. Yo that is absolutely the
coolest limited edition Xbox. I liked the Minecraft
version of the One S. That was really cool. But this, this is rad. – [Ken] Just a random thought. Our nut button matches the controller. – [Austin] It’s fate. (upbeat music) – [Ken] Same energy. – That big nut energy. So you may recall. Years and years ago, we did a video on the Samsung Galaxy View. This was a special tablet
with a giant display. And this is the brand new
Samsung Galaxy View 2. (upbeat music) I don’t know why this exists. How much is a Samsung Galaxy View 2? – [Matt] Only thirty dollars. – Thirty dollars. – [Matt] A month. – For how long? – [Matt] Twenty months. (laughing) – Wait. (whooshing) That’s six hundred dollars? What’s the MSRP on this? – [Matt] Oh wait, thirty seven dollars. MSRP is seven hundred and forty dollars. – So when you heard me say giant tablet, did you really know just how big this tablet was going to be? Oh it actually folds flat now though. That’s nice. Oh this is totally different. It’s a completely different hinge. So it’s essentially, it’s a giant tablet with a very large built-in kickstand. This way you’re rocking down. Say your boombox, you’re like (upbeat music) Yeah, what up? – Hey guys this is Austin, and today Ken and I are going head to head. He has purchased some
of the most expensive gaming gear on Amazon, whereas I’d chosen to go
with a different route. – [Austin] The screen is fine. The audio is actually pretty full, but the thing is, it almost kinda sounds a little bit echo-y because the speakers are on the back, so it kinda bounces against the stand. I don’t quite understand
why someone would buy this. I have a front facing camera. I think that’s it though. Where’s the camera, oh it’s up top. I can’t, yeah, it just
has a front facing camera. I describe that as mediocre at best. But we look very happy, and that’s really the most important thing. Imagine if you could
take photos like this! Like, Come here, no,
no, no, look this way! Say hi, hi Ken! You’re actually totally be
like someone who was like that. – [Ken] So when you were a kid, What was more fun than a pillow fight? – More fun than a pillow fight? Water gun fight? – [Matt] Whoa! Whoa! – What? Who wants to play with pillows. Not a bunch a little girls. I wanna get like super soakers out. – [Ken] I’m going to ask one more time. What was more fun than a pillow fight? – A fight with fists? (Matt singing Socker Boppers jingle) – [Matt] I forgot the words (upbeat music) (clapping) – Does this mean I get
to kick your ass now? – [Ken] That’s what Matt’s here for. – Oh no! Boo! All right. I’m not even gonna ask
how much these were. Wait, they weren’t more than $19.95, were they? – [Matt] They were eleven dollars each. – Okay, pretty reasonable. – [Matt] Please be
careful with that knife. – Why. – [Matt] They inflate. – Oh well yes. I’m aware of how these things work, Matt. Thank you very much. So if you were not born in the nineties, or you’re lame, you might not know these
Sock ‘Em Boppers are the Socker Boppers? I don’t know what these are called. Whatever. Basically, you inflate them, and then you beat up your friends, and your mom won’t yell at you. Probably. Inflate by first pinching
valve at its base with your fingers while blowing
(laughing) into the valve. – [Matt] I’m doing that! – No no no no no. That’ll blow it up. That’ll blow it up. You can blow it. It just takes like six or seven blows. Just blow harder, Ken, blow harder. – I thought I’d heard that in my life. I just didn’t think
I’d hear that from you. (blowing air) – Nut. (laughing) – I don’t like any of this. – You walked right into that one. (laughing) Welcome to the first annual Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Bop ‘N Punch Fest. That’s a different toy from the nineties. – Okay, look, nostalgia. – Gentleman, let’s have a clean fight. – No. – Nothing below the belt. Unless you want to. We don’t have a bell so – Nut. – All right. (laughing) No, no. No you put your foot down. (laughing) (grunting) – [Matt] You definitely
got me in the face. – The world Sock ‘Em Bop ‘N
Champion, Austin One-Foot Evans! (upbeat music) Well that’s not the way Mystery
Tech was supposed to go.