“What has happened?” “How did it happen?” (lol superman ripoff) “When did it happen?” “Why did it happen?” “WHY DID IT HAPPEN?!” Because online shopping. (sksks wow) Where more than necessary is available and we buy it as well (well can’t deny that) Even if garbage is provided at a discount, we’ll buy that as well. (online shoppers triggered) “Have YOU ordered this?” “Yeah! It was available at a discount!” “Who’s going to wear this?” “You!” (lol sure) “Size… 2 to 4 years.” (slow claps) Oh god this ended midway only. (xD) *alternate rendition of spiderman* (what in the seven circles of hell…) Where the hell are my eyes? (kowalski analysis) Online, online, online shopping! (bloody online) Also, nowadays, more delivery boys visit me than girls (#crie) Dude they even have rote learnt the size of my underwears by now! (umm okay) Even my dad does not have that much of info! *consolatory tear wiping free* And some shopkeepers have given up altogether. “Brother give me a potato.” “Buy it online kid!” “B-But i am paying you money-” *winter sun and tomato soup fun* “DON’T YOU HAVE A JIO SIM?!” *SHOOKETH* Now home delivery has gone so far that if some day you feel too lazy to poop, they’ll deliver literal shit on your doorstep. (say wut?!) Cow’s dung, elephant’s dung and Combo pack (assortment of crap) Even Haldiram (snacks) shied away from such a menu 17DOLLARS?! Bro, at our villages animals themselves deliver fresh crap in front of our houses (true that) and that too for free. But the most useful stuff is available on OLX hand cart with awesome look *Tujhe dekha toh ye jaana sanam plays* OMG so handsome! (xD) These wheel drove my heart wild!(what a pun) Is this a cart or Tom Cruise?! (insert heart eyes) Brother please switch on the air conditioner, it’s growing hot in here. (global warming) And now there is a cutoff for becoming a cart as well (why not) Only 8th and 10th pass bro. Illiterate carts don’t work (#employmentforcarts) Someone is selling their license someone is selling mattress stuffing. Do people there like to wear mosquito nets? (for ventilation purpose) And you cheater, an entire set of 4 undies is available for 400 bucks (for right) “Only buyers should message rest don’t waste my time.” (okay Mr. CEO) Yeah, as i am particularly desirous of gossiping with random strangers on OLX. Hi stranger on OLX. Did you have your meal? Is your sister married? Now a 1000 varieties are available for even the simplest stuff. For example, in pillows there are cap pillows, corn pillow (lie in a field no) and OSTRICH pillow (what ostrich is this?) which is an ostrich from what angle, i don’t know. What kind of a joke is this? (pfft) the camera is there dude! Isn’t the hole looking somewhat wrong? (somewhat?) Never knew something uglier than monkey caps can be created (xD) Two holes are given for scratching you head as well (aka confusion) Yeah wear this idiot. Don’t even want to see your face. (ouch) If you want a bandit look for 1000 bucks then this is perfect. (absolutely) Oh so you think you’ll get to sleep in India on wearing this? (scuba diver on board xD) Brother, we don’t have coins to give. Go set up your shop somewhere else. Brother, what illness do you have? Are you a doctor? No. Then get out of here! “Jaadu!”(alien) “Jaadu!” “Watchman of area 51?” *horrified realisation* “Who the hell called me Jaadu (alien)?” “Oh so you all are on that side.” (the dark side) Are you single? (fake enthusiasm) Do cute boys mistake you for Malinga (cricket player) and just ask you to bowl balls? (sed) Does your bed have empty space? “Nooo?” So we present to you “Boyfriend pillow”! Which is without any start and end. Literally. I am better off being single. (seriously) This is exactly what we girls need! One fourth of a man’s body and that too in formal wear. Because it shouldn’t seem as if you are with an unemployed person. (duh!) First spray some deodorant in its armpits.(ew gross) No no not that Fogg Deo! And if no one is applauding at your lame jokes (awwkwaard) then there is this Congress-inspired hand, whose size… is absolutely perfect! (yup it is exact) Let’s see how does this give a high five. (Experiment time!) (wait for it) (lmao) (yes! you will make it!) C’mon yes! You can do it! (sigh…) Give me a clap, your moustache is black. (And I oop-) *We have flown awayyy* Oh where did you fly away to? Will have to bring it back again. (tch tch so uncooperative) Nowadays they really enjoy unnecessarily complicating simple stuff. For example, this. Bro is this a brush or a weapon? (color palette!) A handle on top of a handle (genius) Why are you solving a problem which does not even exist?!(for right lol) Here Miss India is in progress. Turned the brush into a Filmfare Award. (lol) The person trying to clean his gums would shy away from this. (xD) Now they thought why not take an innocent straw and forcefully insert swag in it. (lotsa sweg) Party time silly straws. (definitely silly) Looks like she is sneaking in some liquor while hiding from the parents. Could’ve drunk it straight. But No! First make friggin sunglasses out of this. (fr) I’m looking like a Bhojpuri ripoff of Harry Potter. Where do I…take a sip from..? Getting ready as if we are about to scuba dive. (true that) *Straws: the journey* Pfft. It will come after orbiting the entire earth (lol looks same ) Tch. (the easy way) The world has changed so much that more than others people have problems with their own selves. Like “oh no my jawline” “oh no my hairline” “oh no my face’s circumference” (lol what even) “When will I become like that Insta model?” People are not happy with their own butts. Looks as if someone hasn’t changed their diapers in five years. (ew thanks for mental image) Couches are no longer needed after this. (personal throne :P) If this is possible, so I also ordered abs! How realistic right?! These are a result of hard work. “1001” “1002” Which will help in creating pressure! Flying Beast… “I’ll hit you so bad…” “Aaaah!” come at me now. What? Ohh. The other half will be delivered tomorrow. Now Aisha Takia went under the knife so you know you can do the same? Like this. (sksks lmfao) This is “What? Say it again.” *triggered Abhyudaya has entered the chat* Get out. Get out at the first chan- (lol sike) Bro was this a name or a devotional song? They have made more promises than ministers. Old people want to look like 5 year olds, and kids want to look old these days (faceapp burnt) There is also a tongue here for some reason (umm okayy) but what is to be done with this i don’t know so… *splat* (ew gross) And for the beauty of your nose there is Nose up! (chin up copy) because till now our noses were in depression. (xD) These tongs will make us beautiful? (-_-) Bro this can’t even be used for hanging clothes properly. This has another model as well. This girl is just waiting for death after blocking her nose. (same) I can’t even breathe properly dude. As in, for beauty a person might suffocate to death. Professional plastic surgery? The real change will be brought about by these 50 rupee clothespins! Do you know for what purpose is this? *spot on mimicry of Himesh Reshammiya* (#burntliketoast) So that is it for today guys. If you liked the video then please do subscribe- “So many bills from Amazon?!” (second moment of horrific realisation) This was the moment when he realised that he wasted the entire YouTube money on this video. (omg the absolute horror) (1 like=1 prayer) Oh this one thing got left out. Mind Blowing? Ways to poop? Is this is a pot or a throne? So this is what happens after a wedding?! Who ordered this dude?! 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