Ten-thousand nine-hundred dollars. What???? Almost eleven-thousand dollars for three L.P.S. No, no. No, it’s okay. Why go to college when I can buy three plastic cats? This is a pretty cool lot. This one is my favorite “Little Pet Shop”. [Goomba S.F.X.] Okay, but if you just search “Littlest Pet Shop” and scroll down, they’re almost all fake! Look at them! 🙁 oH! Oh. Oh. Oh- okay. Okay! These are actually pretty cool. Huh. That looks like it would really hurt sitting on all that. It also looks fake, so there’s that. Oh, there’s a stuffed one. “Bird”?? Well, at least they got it right in the description, I guess. Y’know, let’s- let’s try Amazon while we’re at it. Why not? Oh, cool. Another fake one. [inhaleeeee] “Great gifts store littlest pet shop Pet Dachshund Dog Collection Child Girl Boy Figure Toy Loose Cute by new brand”. [exhale] “New brand”, yeah, you hear about that new brand? What was it, uh, Littlest Pet Shop! Yeah, that was it. Yeah, I wonder how long they’ll stick around. I doubt they’ll be worth anything later. It’s not like they’ll sell on eBay for hundreds of dollars or anything. …No, that doesn’t seem likely. Wait, there’s another picture, what is this?? I mean, maybe it’s just me, but this doesn’t look like the same thing AT ALL. “Littlest Pet Shop Character Bookmark”. That is the most delicious-looking bookmark I have ever seen. What? So this is an L.P.S. storage case or something. They look so sad in there, look at them! Well, I think I’ve had enough for one day. Thank you for watching, sorry if this was kind of different. For more L.P.S. videos, please subscribe to our channel, and follow us on Instagram @all.dolls. Thank you! Bye!