[MUSIC PLAYING] What’s special about being
here in eBay is the people. It’s truly one of the most
international and diverse places that you can work in. It’s not just going
to the office, sit on your computer all
day, and answering emails. It’s really this whole
working together atmosphere. We all have one common goal. And we all want to work together
and want to make things happen. eBay is one of the biggest
brands in the world. And you really feel
that around the campus. The eBay spirit is very
collaborative, very innovative, and also very brave. Like, people are not
afraid to try new ideas. There are a bunch of
different companies based here in the campus. We have mobile.de, eBay
Kleinanzeigen, StubHub, and brands4friends. It’s not just one company. It’s like an ecosystem
of companies. And it’s just great that we’re
in constant contact with them. It makes you feel
connected to the big eBay. Diversity is very important
when you work at eBay. Each individual has
their own strength to bring on to the table. We have very diverse people
trading on our platforms. And we have very diverse
people working here at eBay. You could be a young graduate. You could be a working
mom, like I am. You could be from
any background. We’re really trying to make
that sort of day-to-day exchange the best that we possibly can. Seeing people really fight
for what they believe in with all of their
heart and trying to do the right thing
for our customers. I think that’s what
really inspires me. eBay just supports you and
makes you grow as a better person and employee.