(easy going folk music) – M’kay, super exciting. Naomi and I are out and
about shopping tonight. Naomi does not ever remember
going into an Ollie’s. It’s like called Ollie’s Bargain Center. Anyway I think it’s
been at least five years since I’ve been into Ollie’s. Going into Ollie’s first, then we’re gonna hit as many
thrift stores as we can. The sad thing is it’s 6:12 and everything in our biggest
local city closes by 9:00. So we don’t have too
long, but we can do it. We can do it. Let’s go find us some good deals. Thank you to Hello Fresh for
sponsoring today’s video. Go to HelloFresh.com and
use code LARGEFAMILYTABLE10 during Hello Fresh’s New
Year sale for 10 free meals including shipping. (jazzy music) Oo, journals. All my favorites. Oo, now these look helpful. Jumbo utensil.
– Oo. – [Jamerrill] That’s something
I can get behind there. Yay. We definitely could use some of these. That’s a pretty set. I was telling Naomi, I
know it’s dark over here. If we can find some
plasticware, those are glass. It’s only $5.99 though. If we can find some
plastic cups, we need more. Oo there’s a convection
oven and air fryer. (jazzy music) Hey, they literally have everything here. It’s $99 down from $149 it says. Yay, chicken. Here looking at their mats. I like that one. I also like this one. That’s also a pretty one. These down here are pretty. Oh, I like that even better. Holy boots, Batman. – [Naomi] Shiny boots. – All kinds of boots. Oh yeah. Kitchen towels, come to Mama. These are good prices. Look at this. Two pack. Those are cute too. Cute shower curtain with bicycles on it. Really cute. Always need. So it’s a 20 pack for $3.99. Make your own pancake art. (happy music) Okay Ollie’s was a success. Now onto the Goodwill. So we’re out here in
front of the Goodwill. We only have 30 minutes. Ollie’s was good though, lots
of good stuff at Ollie’s. (sighs) We’re right by Sharp Shopper. They close in 30 minutes. I said nine o’clock, these
stores I’m trying to go to are closing at eight. Not having it. So hmm, maybe Hobby
Lobby’s open ’til nine. Maybe we can get into Hobby Lobby. We’ll see. (happy music) So we talk about silverware. I guess there are a few spoons in there, but it’s basically butter knives. What else do they have in here though? You’re probably gonna see a treasure in the video that I’m missing. (happy music) Things like this are always so cool. It’s made out of rolled newspaper. Okay so, thrift store success. Can’t wait to show you what we got there. Now we are gonna head
over to Gabriel Brothers. Gabriel Brothers is a markdown store for clothing and household items. When I was a teenager
we had a period of time probably two years or so where I got $100 a month for clothes. Now high school girlfriends, you know, it’s the real deal. So I got $100 a month
clothing budget for a season and I worked it hard at Gabriel Brothers. I could walk out of
there with a bag or two full of clothes, many name brands. Back in the day. So I’ve never taken Naomi into one. We have a new one. We’re gonna go to it. (happy music) (happy music) So obviously friends, on this night when I am here in my
llama drama mama pajamas I am cooking up a storm with Hello Fresh. I wish I could get to
unload all the new things that I bought, that’ll be
coming up here in a few minutes. But now I’m stuck. Do you ever get stuck in life? It’s like I spent all
that time out shopping, had a whole lot going on, then we had five kids basketball games, we were gone like 12 hours at basketball, then we had church and some other events, then all of a sudden
everybody needs to eat again. So that’s why I’m using
this opportunity to cook up a whole lotta Hello Fresh. I do two great recipes with
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a week whenever you need. You can add extra meals or
lunches to your weekly order or throw in yummy sides and desserts like garlic bread and cookie dough. Hello Fresh is America’s
number one meal kit. Go to HelloFresh.com and
use code LARGEFAMILYTABLE10 during Hello Fresh’s New Year sale for 10 free meals including shipping. Well friends, it has
obviously been several days since I did all that shopping and I cooked all that Hello Fresh. Everything has sat in
bags in a nice little line waiting for me to be able to show you what I really got, when
I did all that shopping a few days ago. So let’s have a big ole
look and see all this stuff. Okay friends, so we will start with where I started at Ollie’s. Oh, oh wow. Wow Ollie’s. You make my heart happy. It has been a long time
since I was in Ollie’s. But they did not disappoint. Now super exciting, just like I recently had
to get updated silverware because who knows where all
those spoons and forks go, we also, same thing with drinking glasses. Now I’m going to get
another big plastic set. These are our glass glasses. But look at that, $7.99
for a 16 piece set. Sure, they’ll all be
gone in six months or so. That’s okay, we’ll have glasses now. Right now we’re down to a
whole buncha coffee cups. That’s what happens here. So few kids cups, whole
buncha coffee cups. We’ll at least have
some glasses to mix in. And I wanna get another
plastic set to mix in. So let’s see here, I got two fresh, you’ll see I got some
fresh bathroom stuff. Two fresh bath rugs. These are both Country Living. These were $4.99 each. I mean come on. I got another bag of bag clips for $2.99. I’m down to one when I can find it. So I thought hey, I could have clips. Now these just looked
fun and Stewart size. A two piece jumbo utensil set. $3.99. I’ll use ’em, I’ll use ’em, yes I will. Add it to my collection. I loved these mirrors. So this mirror set was $9.99. Now I showed you this mirror. This mirror actually was not from Ollie’s. So hold on a minute on the mirror. But I did get, I got two fresh rugs here. So these were $6.99 each. I got a welcome mat
and then this other rug that will go out the door there. Another pack of washcloths, ’cause sometimes those dwindle away. $3.99. So here’s the fun bathroom stuff I got. This is, it says hip style. It’s a shower curtain and
it has bicycle pictures. And I have a bicycle picture I’ll show ya. This picture, life is a beautiful ride. And I thought I could hang
that in the kids’ bathroom too. So anyway, got them a
fresh shower curtain. Then I got this for my grown up bathroom. That looked pretty, had
pretty shower hooks. Also got this fun hook that says home. Thought we could use
that for keys and such. Also Ollie’s got me with the books. Not too bad though. Naomi picked this one up ’cause she likes “Girl Meets World”. Then I just thought oh Benjamin
needs more board books. So we got the classics. “Old MacDonald Had a
Farm” he’s gonna love it. Mommy got ya books, Benjamin. – [Benjamin] Got my books. – [Jamerrill] Yeah, my books. We got “Roar Went the Lion”. This looks really cute. We got “My Mommy and Me”. – [Benjamin] Mommy and Me Benjamin. – Mommy and Me Benjamin, uh huh. “Hickory Dickory Dock”. “It’s Following Me!”. This looked cute. He loves kitties, all
kitties all the time. “Peekaboo! With Happy Cow”. And these I think have,
yeah these have some flaps in these Peekaboo! books here. You gotta flap? Yeah, those cat nine tails, I feel it. Little ducky. And then we got “Peekaboo!
With Cheeky Monkey”. And then the biggest
thing I got at Ollie’s, I have been in the market for
like a real vacuum cleaner. So this is the realest vacuum
cleaner I’ve ever owned. Now I looked up, this is
a certified refurbished. It was $109 it says list price $229. I looked up this same
model refurbished on Amazon and they were $169. I looked that up in the store. So I thought this was a good
price for a refurbished Shark. We’re gonna give it a go. We don’t have a house full of carpet but we have some carpet. And I thought hey, what
if I had a decent vacuum. That’s a thing. So because we have that
vacuum investment on here, my total came to $250.84 at Ollie’s. Next up was the thrift store and the thrift store was good to us. Now I of course love
sunflowers and all flowers. Love all the flowers here. But someone’s ceramic sunflower
and it would look nice on a mantle or a shelf was $1.99. And I know it will make my heart happy. As always, the books. Thank you Goodwill for the books. They were 10 for $1. So I got 10 books for $1. We got a “Sojourney Truth” book. Now I know we have a copy of “Shiloh”. You’ve probably seen it in
other thrift store hauls. Naomi and I were looking
for it the other day because I was gonna read
it and I could not find it. So when I saw it for 10
cents I was like okay, fine. We will have another copy. One day we’ll find all three. And then of course because I had just bought Benjamin a buncha board books, I found more board books. So we’ve got “Baby’s Boat”
and we’ve got “Play”. We’ve got “Numbers”,
got “Johnny Appleseed”. I love these Eric Carle books. We don’t have that one, a “Dream Snow”. “Ruby Writes a Story”,
love Little Golden Books, “10 Little Animals” and
then we got our copy of the original “Winnie The
Pooh” is falling apart. So for 10 cents I thought we could do it. And then over here, Naomi has a couple cute
plaid shirts like this and they have like the little tie. So anyway we were joking, well now she’ll have one in every color. So I got that for her. And I got myself some mom shirts. This is a purple. And you’ll see me probably cooking in it and needing an apron. Now okay, flipping over here, I bought this little
handmade decoration thing and it’s kinda falling apart. So there’s that. Got this for Naomi too. Now if you remember she was
shopping with me that night. 99 whole cents, it’s made with newspapers. I remember doing projects like this and I just thought she would like to have something crafty like that. I also got myself, it’s
a shirt, it’s a sweater, it’s got a little ruffle around it. Thought I could wear it sometime in life. Also got, yeah I’ll end up
buying clothes and books, right? Again, these were all fun
little thrift store finds. This was, I think this was like, yeah this was a St. John’s Bay. And it was just a nice
little sweater there for me. Okay so yeah, so that’s
the thrift store haul. Everything at the thrift store, I think we spent $27 total. I feel like Naomi got
another thing or two. I can’t remember what it was
’cause it’s been a few days and things have now disappeared. But this was our thrift store haul. And then we went into Gabriel Brothers. So at Gabriel Brothers I got this sign, Naomi picked up this makeup set. This will be my new controversial hat that some people will love and some people will write me about. Two whole dollars. Thought it was cute. All the best earrings. Look at that, cute. Super cute. Extra cute. And then I have this gold pair
that I wore the other day. And they’re not out here
now, so there’s that. But four new pairs of earrings. Then this was just like, it says $2.99 but I think I got it for $1. Was $9.99. I really think it had a
99 cent price tag on it. But it’s just kind of a
loose, oh, there’s my tag. Dollar, yeah. Okay kinda like a shawl. But really loose. Do something with it. Naomi and I’ll share it. And then of course another
scarf for the scarf, the mutual scarf collection. And then I got this mirror. So that was a $30 mirror. I really love it. And I have a fun area I’m gonna put it. And I will probably show you soon exactly where it’s gonna go. Oh, and I just saw, look
in the mirror down there, if I can point, a coffee mug from a child. Case in point of the cups we’re down to. We need to put that away. So at Gabe’s I spent $79.97. Thank you for joining Naomi and I. We had such a fun night out shopping. Thank you again to Hello Fresh
for sponsoring today’s video. Go to HelloFresh.com and
use code LARGEFAMILYTABLE10 during Hello Fresh’s New Year sale for 10 free meals including shipping. As always I will chat with
you on those comments below. Let me know where you have shopped lately, where you have found some good stuff. It has been years, like I
said, for a decade or more since I’ve been in an Ollie’s. Always fun at the thrift store. Wish we coulda got in more, but one was better than none. And then Gabe’s, it’s been a long time since we’ve been in there too. So chat with me in those comments. Bye bye. (happy music)