Dropshipping? What is dropshipping? Battlecruising? Drone Rushing ? Okay. Let’s stop making fun! People earn money with that! You can do it as well by running a successful
ecommerce business we’ll tell you about. Hi! My name is Anna, and this is “Dropship Club”
channel, where you can learn how to succeed in e-commerce business based on selling AliExpress
products. I mean Dropshipping Business model. Today I will show you the seamy side of dropshipping
and explain this business model. That’s a business without huge investments
of money and time, warehouses and extra employees. Also, I’ll give you the answers to some
of the frequently asked questions about dropshipping. I will lay an account of the case before you
in its due order, showing you the points which will guide us through the dropshipping model. You make your outstanding store with products
from AliExpress but sell them at your own prices which could be 2, 3 or even 4 times
higher than the original ones. When someone visits your webstore and places
an order, you already know the client’s address and have your suppliers contacts. Why not ask your vendor to ship products to
the address of your client directly? So, you buy this item from the supplier, but
ask him to deliver the product to your client’s address instead of pre-ordering it to your
warehouse and then shipping to your client. You won’t have to spend your time on keeping,
packing and sending your products. This is what dropshipping model includes. Finally, you fix your real profit! You get the profit from EVERY purchase – the
difference between the seller’s price and your own price is yours. So, that’s a business with the minimal investments
and good profit! As you can see, that’s a transparent online
business model. You don’t need to interact with your clients
or goods offline. That means that you can grow your business
from anywhere in the word! All you need in the beginning are your laptop,
access to the Internet and your own webstore! Oh, I almost forgot to mention that you need
to have a strong desire to make good money! One the most popular questions is how to find
your supplier. We recommend you to use AliExpress online
marketplace where Chinese sellers and manufacturers offer their goods at the lowest prices you
can imagine. And they actually love dropshipping store
owners, because we help them to sell more of their products! So, that’s a mutually profitable business
relationship! One of the myths about dropshipping is related
to the long delivery time. Let’s see if it can be a real concern for
you or not. First of all, to make the shipping times shorter
we advise using epacket which is a pretty fast delivery. People must be aware of shipping information:
we put it on our websites in such a way that they could see it before buying. We also give people tracking numbers of their
parcels to reduce their anxiety. Moreover, people usually patiently wait for
their orders because these are impulse purchases and not something really essential. Apparently, not all the products can be sold
successfully in dropshipping stores. You can learn how to choose good products
thanks to our tips in other videos and also from your own experience. Why will people buy from my store and not
directly from AliExpress or Amazon where it’s cheaper? Well, most of them simply don’t know about
AliExpress, and those who do just don’t trust Chinese stores with strange descriptions. One of the main dropshipping secrets is that
we create niche stores with great design, quality pictures and cool descriptions. So, your customers trust you more than those
marketplaces because you look like a reliable specialized seller and they buy from you! That’s marketing magic! As AliExpress sellers already know about dropshipping
business model, they don’t put their promo materials into the parcels. Also, we can tell our clients that some of
our warehouses are situated in China. Moreover, as for our experience, when people
finally get their order, they are so excited that they don’t really care about that. You need your website to be properly equipped
for dropshipping – and this means you need a domain name, a hosting, a CMS (for example,
WordPress, Woocommerce or Shopify) and some dropshipping tool (like AliDropship,Oberlo
or WooDropship). You can start from any part of the globe or
even when travelling, the only necessary thing is a good internet connection. You won’t need to have any special knowledge
or experience to start your own dropshipping business. Just be determined to make money online! If you’ve always wanted to start your own
online business, then dropshipping could be the best choice! That’s your own online store with your own
style and design, with your unique product descriptions, and with your own price markup. It’s up to you to decide what niche to enter,
which suppliers to choose, which products to add to your store, and what price to set. You run your business as you like choosing
any promotional methods you fancy, and you are fully in control of it. And remember: with the right type of automated
dropshipping solutions, you can get a high stable income with minimum manual work. An independent business where you are your
own boss getting 90% profit per order (and not Amazon’s crummy 4%) – isn’t that
the thing you’ve always dreamed of? I hope you learned something very useful from
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business? What would you like to know about it? Put your questions in the comments and we
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