Hi guys, Neil Waterhouse. Let’s try get this quick video in before the heavens open up and starts bucketing down again. Anyway last week eBay announced they’ll be introducing eBay Plus into Australia starting mid-June. Now, what eBay Plus is? For $49 per year with a 30-day free trial, shoppers will get unlimited free deliveries on eBay Plus items and also free shipping on Plus items if ever they wish to return an item. They’ll also get continuous special offers and other deals from eBay Plus for the members to kind of sweeten the deal. eBay Australia be the second country after Germany to offer eBay Plus. eBay Germany was the first to open eBay Plus back in October 2015. eBay is racing as this say to be opening eBay Plus in Australia. It’s only about 8% of retail dollars in Australia is currently spent online which is about half of what is spent in more advanced markets like Korea and the UK. About 36% of Australia’s 13.6 million shoppers, online shoppers, spend more than 71 dollars on shipping last year. Then almost 8% of them spend more than $200 on shipping. And that’s according to eBay. With the introduction of eBay Plus. eBay is aiming to get more sales from the tradionally brick and mortar stores. The majority of Australian brick and mortar stores they charge online customer a set delivery fee until they reach a certain spending threshold. For example, Myers charges $9.95 for standard delivery on any online purchases under $100. And Just Jeans also charges the same amount for standard delivery. And of course that’s within Australia, Now in regards to who’ll be paying for this free shipping, as obviously nothing’s free? eBay said the eBay Plus membership fee will fund the new delivery program rather than the thousands of sellers. But of course, we’ll obviously see about that as time progresses. eBay states there’s no incremental cost to the sellers at all but obviously time will tell. eBay’s goal is they’d like to increase the local online retail spin to 15 to 20%, however you don’t need to be a brain surgeon to figure out eBay Plus is of course in direct competition to Amazon Prime delivery membership which also offers free shipping and it’s also due to be released in Australia later this year. Now in saying that, Amazon Prime is available right now in Australia, however the subscription does, it doesn’t offer the free shipping and many of the other services that Amazon Prime offers in place like the USA. Currently Amazon Prime Australia membership, it only offers the prime video channel which for those who don’t know is like Netflix. It’s got movies, TV shows as well as Amazon original shows like the Grand Tour. If you’ve got the $100 Apple TV box , Amazon Prime is one of those channels. Getting back to eBay though or eBay Plus, then we know fee for sellers who wish their item available for eBay Plus. And the big bonus for eBay Plus for current Australian eBay sellers only Australian located items are allowed on eBay Plus. In other words, China located items won’t be eligible. If you’d like to know more about eBay Plus, I put a link on the bottom of the screen. That’s all for this week. No matter where you’re watching this, please scroll on down and leave me a comment below. Until next week. List more Sell more, this is Neil Waterhouse.