hi guys today I’m going to talk to you
about Magento, but what is magento? Not to be confused with Magneto
Magento is a super-powerful e-commerce platform But what’s an eCommerce platform?
An eCommerce platform is a software technology solutions for building online stores ah… but what’s an e-commerce platform if it was a bricks and mortar store, the eCommerce plaform would
be kind of like the scaffolding that you use to build a store,
the shelves, the cash register, that you put stock into and how you take sales
basically an e-commerce platform is what’s behind the scenes of an
online shop. They run manage and control the website and they are often based on
common programming such as PHP and there are loads out there
etc etc but my favorite is magento and it’s the
favourite of over 200,000 companies worldwide so it’s not just me, it must be good
but what’s so good about it? i’ll start by getting into a bit of the history of Magento, created by Varien, development
began in 2007 with the first beta release being in August 2007 it was originally called bento but due
to legal issues the team were forced to change the name to Magento, thought to be
inspired by mage the name of a wizard in many role-playing games. The first official release of magento came a year later in august 2008 it quickly became very popular. In 2010 eBay
purchased 49% off Varien and by February 2011 it became the full owner of Magento
As a result of the breakup of ebay Magento was spun out as an independent
company by its new owner Permira and has been continuing to grow ever since
Magento has three distinct versions Magento community edition, Magento
Enterprise Edition and Magento Enterprise Cloud edition Magento community edition is completely
free and open source meaning all the original code is freely available to
developers, merchants, everyone Enterprise Edition is a paid license
version of software that comes with additional features support and is
purposely engineered for fast growing larger businesses and enterprise cloud
edition is their new platform as a service offering Magento outweighs the competition because
it’s super SCALEable Magento is modular which means it can
grow with your business. Need new functionality? No problem. Need to extend your current
functionality? no problem want to do something completely random?
still no problem. I can actually hear developers cringe as I
say that but it’s true and they would tell you the same thing, when it comes to
magento, we never say no. As long as its not bat-s*** crazy and you pay for it
In fact, if you pay for it, even if its bat-s*** crazy we will probably still do it when it comes to being a feature-rich
magento is a billionaire its like the bill gates of benefits Magengates, Billgento. It has a built-in
content management system for information and landing pages. Theres related products
up-sell products cross-sell products as standard. A wide range of promotions
with logic built in. manage customers from the admin and do
customer grouping. Theres a wide selection of product types including configurable simple
group bundled downloadable virtual Search engine optimization settings that
you can use. tax settings, payments settings shipping settings… so many
settings! These is a persistent shopping cart Data imports and exports. order
management is simple and it can handle multiple currencies and languages built in contact form, built-in
reporting and afully responsive design The big one that sets it apart from many
many of its competitors its ability to do multi sites. You can
manage and control multiple web stores from the one admin panel of Magento and you
can choose to share as much or as little information between these stores as you
want honestly you have to see it to
understand how powerful is there’s nothing worse than a platform that gets
released and then is just left to rot The team at and around Magento are constantly
looking for new ways to improve and grow the software with new functionality, security
patches and now even exciting sequel with an all star cast: Magento 2
shout out to Atwix for the artwork it’s time for the next generation of
e-commerce plaform. Staring a new file structure, new technologies, improved
performance and scalability better security, improved data import,
user-friendly admin interface drag-and-drop uploads, product videos
built-in, customizable admin product grids. system upgrades within the
admin and many more well i don’t know about you but I’m
hooked Not only that, Magento has the largest e-commerce
marketplace for extensions available for purchase and download, if you want
something chances are somebody will have already created it and will have made the module
available for you to easily download and add to your store. Magento boasts a network of
over 300 solution partners and a global community of developers and specialists
the highly active. Super active. you can easily find community members on the
Magento community, stack exchange twitter instagram youtube… so you’re
never more than a click away from an expert that can help you you’ve just watched a quick video on what Magento is and what it does I could keep going on and on because there is more
than it can and does do but i’m pretty sure you would fall asleep before
finished I would fall asleep before I finished
before I go I want you to know that I don’t think Magento is perfect there are times when Magento makes
me want to pick up my laptop throw it out the window pack up and move to alaska to train snow
dogs but honestly for me and for everyone that I’ve worked with so far
clients and developers alike Magento has been the best solution Was that bias? Am I biased? Oh well
I bleed orange.