What is a Shopping cart trick? How to get credit without the credit Inquiry
with the Shopping Cart Trick When you apply for a credit card, bank makes
a hard credit inquiry on your credit report. Hard inquiry
• lowers your credit score by several points • remains on your credit report for two
years If you don’t want a hard inquiry on your
report, or your credit score is low, or you had filed a bankruptcy in the past – use
this trick to get a store credit card. Stores that allow you to use the shopping
cart trick include • Walmart
• Victoria Secret • Sport Authority and other store cards issued by
• Synchrony bank • Comenity bank Ok, now how to use this trick: Step: 1. Go to the store’s website
Step: 2 . Create an account Step: 3 . Add items to your shopping cart
and begin a check out Step: 4 . Apply for the card when the offer
pops up That’s how you can get a store credit card
without a hard pull on your credit report If the credit card offer doesn’t show up
– check that popup windows are not blocked in your browser and try again. With a shopping cart trick:
• You have better chances to get a credit card even with a low credit score
• Bank might ignore the fact of your previous bankruptcy (if any) Initial credit limit might be low around $500,
but you can ask for a credit line increase after several months of a card use. When you get your credit card, do not forget
to use it responsibly to improve your credit score over time:
• Never spend more than 30% of a credit limit
• Pay off in full every month • Never miss a payment More tips and tricks on cardsmix.com