– Hey guys, this is Alison. Hopefully, it’s working. This is the first time that I’ve done a screen share with Facebook live. It’s a new feature and
I’m just testing it out. So, fingers crossed and if you can, I would love if you would
write a comment down below. I wanna see if this is
working and if you can hear me and if you can see me and
if you can see my screen, cause we have something really fun, I have something really
fun to talk about today and it’s the top three
tips on what you should do if your products don’t sell. K Julie’s on, yay Julie, I see you. Julie, will you just make a comment? I think I see you over here,
down in the right hand corner. Let me know if you can see that. And if you can see everything,
that would be awesome. I’m gonna scoot this over or down, a little bit, okay. One thing I’m noticing is I can’t… Julie replied as me. Julie, I think you replied as me. Good! Okay so she can see me. One thing I’m noticing
is I can’t see the number of people on my Facebook Live, so that’s a good thing to know right? And if I go down, like look. All I have are these
screenshots of my screenshots of my screen, that is a big huge mess. Okay I guess over here I can see that there’s seven people on right now. You guys, this is so great. And this is super, super live. So I’m gonna put this up here, and alright. We’ll get going with it. Cause it’s a lot of good and
really exciting information and I’m excited that Facebook, we’ve all heard that Facebook is cracking down on organic posts, but I still feel like
Facebook can get pretty, or Facebook lives can
get a pretty good reach, and now that we can screen share, this is just exciting stuff. At least for me. You guys know, I love it, I’m a dork. My husband Jared is over here. He’s doing tech support. But okay, there’s 68 of
you guys watching this. I would love if you came over and would tell me where you’re from. I wanna know where you guys are from and where you’re watching. It’s 9 o’clock in the
morning here in Utah. It’s a beautiful, gorgeous morning. I would love to know
where you guys are from. Okay so what I’m gonna do, this is my first broadcast
with this screen share, so I made a presentation, just like a little, like
my top tips on what to do, if your products don’t sell. If you’ve got a new commerce
shop and you’re stuck, you’ve got some products that don’t sell, I’m gonna go through some of those things. And then I see over here
we’ve got Monica from Texas. John, hey John! John’s on. Sherry from Michigan. Good, you guys! This is so
exciting that this is working. And you guys can use it in
your own e-commerce, too, in your own e-commerce
shops and stores, too. And share your screen and
show them your new store and show them your new
things that you’re doing because it’s working. And we’ve got 112 people on
here which is so exciting, so exciting. Oh good, Julie. Okay, so I’m gonna go through
this and at the end if you have questions, I would
love to answer them so make sure you’re over on
the Alison J Prince page and writing in the comments in there. Because I’d love to be able to help you, I love when people sell online. I’ve been doing it for, seven years, I have to think on that one. I’ve been doing it for about
seven years selling e-commerce, and it has been like this magical thing and so I’ve been helping
and teaching people how to sell e-commerce. And this is one of the
questions that I have, either people are really
scared to go for it cause they’re afraid
their products won’t sell, or they run a product and it’s not quite getting the numbers that they expected. So, we’re gonna go through it real quick on three tips if your
products do not sell. And this is online
e-commerce type products. Okay, these are the three things. You’re gonna change it,
you’re gonna dump it, or you’re gonna gift it and I’ll go through each one
of those so that you guys can get a better grasp on like,
what do you need to change it and how do you know to dump it, and then of course, gift
it, that one’s pretty easy. So let’s go through each
of them so you can see. Number one, you’re gonna change
it, these are my four P’s, pictures, pricing, pitching, and product. Say that five times really fast, ha-ha-ha. So when you have a product up, so you put a product up
on either marketplace or your Shopify store, or on Facebook, or wherever you’re selling, whatever platform you’re selling it on, and it didn’t sell, or it didn’t get the
numbers that you wanted to. These are the four things that I go over, and I constantly, every single
time I put a product up, if it doesn’t sell like I wanted it to, I’ll go back and address
these four things. So let’s go into each one. Number one is pictures. Oh, you can’t see it cause
my head’s in the way, let me move this real quick. Pictures, pictures. Does it look like dirty laundry? If you’re selling clothes,
look at this shirt. And I can actually post this
cause this was from one of my sites and it popped up
and I’m like, oh my gosh, it looks like it’s dirty laundry, like she just pulled it
out of the laundry basket, and put it on and took a picture. The lighting’s horrible, you can see there’s clutter
back here in the background. You guys, this is a horrible picture. So this was my picture right away, if this was my product and I
was trying to sell this shirt, number one thing I would
change would be my picture. Your picture needs to sell the vision, the vision of looking pretty in this shirt and flowing and things like that. So if your picture’s crummy, it’s not gonna sell. Okay, and then are there, I
put roosters in your pictures that date your pictures,
or date your products. So when I think of
roosters in the background, I think of the 1990s, right? Like my mom had roosters
everywhere in her kitchen, and that was just kind of like the fad. And so if I was standing and back, here was a bunch of roosters, then you know that it
would be a dated picture. So maybe move it outside, maybe move it like to a park, in the shade,
so you can get great lighting, but make sure you’re not
having dated products in your pictures, like super old stuff. Although, some of the 80s
stuff’s coming back in, I’m seeing velvet, like
velvet dresses, velvet hats. Like it’s crazy, I remember
going to junior high wearing a velvet dress, eek! And it’s coming back! Okay, next thing. Okay, pricing. Are you being
greedy with your margins? And I wanna talk about a commodity, a commodity versus a brand. So a commodity is just
something that you can go get from a wholesaler and resell it, other people are doing it too, and it’s not a unique product. And when you’re selling a commodity, you’re not gonna get
huge margins out of it. You get huge margins when
you start growing your brand, cause brands can demand. Like for instance, why do
we spend, I don’t know, so much money on a pair
of socks from Stance.com, versus we can go to Walmart and get ’em for bulk and in cheap, right? Because Stance has built
this beautiful brand about these socks, and
their designs, and you wear those socks, and you’re
in the cool group, right? They have built this brand and so they can demand a higher price. When you just sell a commodity, things that other people are selling, your margins are gonna
be little bit smaller. So check your pricing, cause
if your pricing is off, people aren’t gonna buy it. You’ve got to build that
brand before you can demand. And that is with your unique product. With a commodity, there’s just not a ginormous margin in a commodity product. So check your pricing
and make sure it fits. And remember, there are four, three, three sweet spots,
$4.99, $14.99, and $19.99. Those are the no-think price points, so you just go, you don’t
even have to think about it. People don’t have to ask their spouse, check their budget, those
are just fast purchases. Those are usually your
sweet spots right there. Kay, next one. Okay, I’ve gotta move this over. I try and keep it up here,
cause my recorder’s right there and it makes it look
like I’m looking at you versus over here, yeah. So, sorry, this is so new
that I’m trying to figure out where to put my camera,
where to put everything, so I’m actually gonna scoot
this over a little bit even though, yeah, okay. I think this makes it look
like I’m looking at you guys cause I know that’s a big thing too, like if you’re looking over here, talking to Facebook live, or it just doesn’t respond,
people don’t respond as well, so you gotta look at the camera. Okay, and then, let’s see,
we’re still on pricing. So, the first one was, are you being greedy with your margins, commodity versus brand. Kay, and then did you create an offer that’s too good to pass up? If you create an offer
that just kind of blends, everybody else is selling
it for the same thing, their shipping’s expensive,
no one’s gonna take it, right? But if that offer is so good
that people can’t pass up, then you’re gonna have a
lot more people buying. Free shipping has been
good in the past, for me. Or bundling it, if you put like a set of, when we sold, what was it? Twine, we would sell a bundle of three together, and that usually did really well. You wanna create something, an offer that other people are not doing,
stand out a little more, put in a free product,
make it exciting so that people want to know,
want to get your product, cause they love it,
they’re excited about it. Okay, next thing. Pitch, are you selling to the wrong crowd? This is a big one. Pitch is kinda like your
copy, not like a copy machine, like a xerox machine,
it’s like what you’re typing out and what you are
selling to your audience. So here’s a couple of examples, like a chia pet to teenage boys, that’s not really their market, right? Like maybe a couple have ’em, but that’s not their market at all. And then take for instance,
these elephant pants, we were over in Cambodia,
and I swear all of the women, teenage girls, had these pants on, and that’s who they marketed to. They didn’t really market to dads because dads weren’t wearing them. Maybe they would, but that’s
not their market, right? Or if they were selling
blankets in Cambodia in 115 degree weather,
nobody would buy them. But if you sold cooling fans,
like the little spritzers, those would sell out like crazy. So you wanna make sure that you’re selling your product to the right crowd. Okay, next one. Product, we’re gonna go through
and we’re gonna determine if your product ultimately stinks. If it ultimately stinks,
you don’t want to sell it. Like, just move on. Just move on. Okay, so, number one, are you listening to
what your customers want? Are you finding those trending products? If you’re not finding
those trending products, tweaking them, branding
them, making your own, you’re just, you’re
gonna blend or get lost. You wanna be able to find those trending products that
are already selling, cause if they’re already selling, might as well just sell them more, right? Next one, is it past the selling season? So this was my big, first
wake-up about the selling season. I got some scarves and I
brought them in in January, and I started selling them in January, and the reason why I did that is because December scarf sales
were through the roof. They were crazy, and this was in the
beginning of Pick Your Plum, they were like these frilly,
long, flowy, scarves, right? And they were selling amazing, so we ordered some more,
they got here in January, and I put ’em up and I was like, oh I’m gonna sell all these. You guys, it totally
bombed, it totally bombed because I was in the wrong season. So, winter stuff I’ve
learned you gotta sell before in December, you have to sell in December. After, a few things will
still sell but you don’t have the excitement as
you do before Christmas. So watch to see if you’re
past the selling season, so it’d be like coats, if
you’re trying to sell a coat in January, that’s not really gonna sell. Maybe a jacket will or if you have like a winter
blow-out, something like that, but if you’re full-on
selling a coat with a hood that’s like zero degrees, your sales are gonna
be a little bit lower. Just because that’s not the season. People are wanting to
think spring by February, like bring on the warm weather,
we’re tired of the cold. Okay next one, have you
made your product unique? So this gal, I took a picture
of her when we were over in, Jared, where were
we? Was this Thailand? I don’t know, I think
it was over in Thailand, and her smile just was so unique, when I first saw her she was just kinda no emotion, right? And then she looked up and had this big, huge beautiful smile and
it just stood out to me and so how can you make your products
a little bit more unique? Yes, you wanna sell trending items but how do you make it
just a little bit unique? How can you offer something
else that no one else can offer? So I put an example in
here, like why in the devil would they buy from you, right? Why are they gonna buy from
you and not someone else? Let them know why you can sell to them. Why your product is so
much better for them. And then, better shipping,
bundle products, free bonus, they wanna buy it because of your story, because of your brand, because you have the best guarantee ever, because you’re the lowest prices, because you’re the highest prices because you offer more,
because of your reputation, because you care, because
you freakin’ work hard, because you know your product is the best because your customers
have given awesome reviews. Point those positive things out. I mean, you’ve earned it,
right? You’re working so hard. So point those positive things out, and make your product
stand out just even more, you deserve it. Okay, then number two, dump it. We’re gonna talk about that and when you’ve gone
through that whole process, when you’ve changed it,
you’ve changed your pictures. Let me go back up to this slide, when you’ve changed your
pictures, changed your pricing, changed your pitch, and changed. This is the fourth one
of changing your product. I’m gonna jump into whether you know whether to just dump it,
and just move on, right? Cause there’s only so many
times you can beat that product. And there’s a point where you’re
just gonna waste your time, so it’s time to move on. Okay. Alright, so number two, dump it. These are some things that are my criteria for dumping a product. I’m not getting any sales. Or maybe one and it’s just
not creating a bunch of sales and I’ve gone through
the process of changing price, changing pitch,
changing my pictures. And then everybody has some
honest friends out there, right? Not the ones that are just
trying to be super nice, but the ones that will let you know that your butt looks big. Or that the dress doesn’t
quite flatter you, call them. Call them, this is the time
that you want to pull them out and just say, hey what do
you think about this product? They’ll tell you the truth, right? Now they’re not gonna be
100% on every single time. But if you’ve done all these other things, and they say no too, hmm?
Probably time to dump the product. Kay, you’ve submitted to at
least three marketplaces, and they’re all declining you. There’s something wrong with the product, it’s outdated, it’s super
saturated, it’s not trending. If you’ve submitted to marketplaces and they’re declining you, your
friend’s telling you it’s awful, and you’re not getting any sales, you guys, it’s time to move on. It’s time to just drop it
and go to the next product. Okay, and when you do this, when you dump a product, you have to remember it’s not personal. Don’t be offended, don’t be distraught. It’s just a product,
move to the next thing. Kay? It’s a business. Remember, you are the tester, you’re trying to test products, right? And your customers will tell
you whether it’s a good product or not, so you’re out
there, you’re just testing, test, test, test, test, right? And then the customers
will say either yes or no. And then if they say yes, that’s the one that you want
to grow into this amazing, beautiful brand and be able
to demand higher margins, higher prices to get those better margins. The more you test these
products, the more you know and the more you will sell. One of the things that
I’m super grateful for when I started a company that
I own called Pick Your Plum, is I had to test every single day. Well, I tested Monday through Friday cause I needed to sleep Saturday and Sunday. I had to get up really, really early and the tech was always
crashing, like it was just this whirlwind of adventure
when we launched it, and we launched that one, Jared, six? Six and half years ago,
six and a half years ago. And every single day I
had to test a new product, so I learned really quickly, what works and what doesn’t work. And I’m gonna scroll down
and show you something, right here. I always say that I
failed my way to success. Cause if I didn’t try it every single day, day after day after day, I wouldn’t have learned what
failed and what succeeded. So don’t be afraid, and failure is not a bad thing at all. It teaches you what works, it
teaches you what doesn’t work. So don’t be afraid of that. Fail has this negative connotation,
is that the right word? Is that how you say it? Con, connotation. Yeah, ha-ha. But it
really should be positive because it’s a good thing. It’s teaching you and when
you’re first starting, you’re not investing a
lot of money into product. And so it’s okay to figure out what works and what doesn’t work. Okay, and then let’s
go to the third thing. Eek! You gift it, right? If you don’t sell any
product, feel free to gift it. You have to buy gifts anyways, right? So give what doesn’t sell. I’m gonna show you a couple
examples of things that I gifted and how I turned it into a positive thing. So on Pick Your Plum, we sold
these awesome bags right here, the ones right here, the green chevron, not these, these was something else. When we sold these green
bags, we had red ones, we had silver ones, and then
we had a mix of all of ’em for Christmas, and they
actually sold really well. But we had some left over. And so the leftover ones, we
actually created this collage and then we sold it for
St. Patrick’s day, right? Cause green for St. Patrick’s day. And then we still had some leftover and we needed to get the inventory out. So what we did is I actually
brought some of these bags home, and then for Christmas, we decided to give these bags away. We had probably, I don’t
know, 20 or 30 left over, just random sets of these bags right here. And we gave the gift, the gift of gift giving. That’s what we gave, so we packaged it and we said on there, we know
you’ve got a lot of gifts to give, let us ease your burden
and help you wrap your gift. So, fun, right? And then over the last couple of years, we’ve been gifted these bags back and it just makes us giggle, makes us laugh, because they’re giving us
the gift we gave them back. But that’s what they’re
supposed to do, right? And so we were able to take
this product and turn it into a positive thing with
some of the leftovers. And you’ll notice you’ll
have odds and ends, like sometimes you’ll forget
to count inventory correctly, or you didn’t quite sell out and there’s a few odds and ends
left, give ’em as gifts. Okay, so here’s, this is, you guys, this is an awesome one to me. So birthday gifts. So I sold these cardigans
and there was always like one or two smalls left over, just because of, that’s
just how it goes, right? And so what I did is I gave
them to my sweet grandma. And I want to show you
these pictures and actually just screenshot these
from my Instagram account, and I didn’t realize how many times she was actually wearing this. But really, this product
ended up being one of the best gifts that my grandma loved,
she absolutely loved it. And I’ll show you. Like right here, you
can see her wearing it, for their wedding anniversary,
their 70th wedding, no, maybe it was 72nd, I don’t know. Over the 70s gets like
crazy awesome, right? This is what she wore to her anniversary, they wanted to do it at Golden Corral. They said that was the
key to their happiness is because at Golden
Corral, like you can choose whatever food you want, that
was their secret to happiness, that’s what they tell us all the time. Grandma has passed away but grandpa, he still loves to go to Golden Corral. Right here, Thanksgiving, we
were doing a little photo-op and she’s got it here. Grandpa had surgery, had heart surgery, and she was able to wear this sweater when she was visiting him. And then, this one, when she was mad at us because
we had to eventually put her in an assisted living center, because it was just, too hard. She was so mad at us so I
just had to take her picture. She’s this beautiful, beautiful soul that hardly ever got mad at us. And this, like this is such
a fun memory right here and then this one when
they’re walking down the hall, and this, when we took
them out to the burger shop cause they wanted to get out
of the assisted living center. We were doing a jailbreak and
took ’em to a burger shop. This one, they’re walking, holding hands, holding hands and then one day we show up, and we’re both wearing the same sweater. So we got to do a, who
wore it best competition, and of course grandma won on that one. And so, these gift-giving
things can end up being some of your greatest
gifts that you give people. So don’t be afraid, just get out there, get your products, and start testing. You guys, the only way
you will actually fail, like the negative word
fail, is if you stop trying. If you just give up and you say, I’m done, I’m not gonna do it anymore. You guys, change things up, test it again, you’re building the best foundation and education ever for success. They don’t teach you that in college, they don’t teach you how to
test and try and test and try. And then how to re-brand, or re-picture, or whatever your product, right? This is real-life and it’s happening, and you can make it happen today so you can learn the education,
like the real education. And then again, I like to say
I failed my way to success. Because those failures mean a lot to me, and I’m glad that I did. Because if I didn’t learn early on, there’s no way I would’ve
felt comfortable with some of the big purchases I did later on like big containers, getting
ready for fourth quarter. If I didn’t have that confidence that I learned in the beginning, there’s no way I could’ve done that, like that would have been way,
absolutely too scary for me. My phone’s supposed to be on silence but it keeps giving me text messages. Okay, so, you guys, if
you’re wanting to know more on how to sell product,
how to build a website, this is what I talk about
on the Facebook page, it’s Alison J Prince Facebook page, there’s also, we call it
the Because I Can clan, and why do we call it Because I Can clan? It’s because you can, you can do this, you can change your life. I see, we call them plan wins, people that sell their
first dollar online, they come in all the time. Like it’s this beautiful
thing that’s happening and I feel like right
now, is the land rush that happened in Oklahoma, like the 1800s, the internet, the website, the e-commerce is the land rush of today. So you guys can make,
you can make this happen. You don’t have to have a
huge business background, I didn’t, I still don’t. I’ve never taken a business class and we have built eight, I think we’re on business
number eight right now. It’s just through testing and learning and having a
community to support you. So go over, check that out, there’s also Masterclass that I teach, it’s called 0-100K.com you can check that out
and I go into more detail about how my daughters, who
are 10 and 13 at the time, sold over $100,000 in scarves. You guys, life-changing. They were in junior high and elementary, and they sold six
figures, in under a year. Which is like absolutely
mind-blowing, right? But it works, it’s not a hard process, you just have to know the process and I hope you get there cause
I’ve done it so many times. So go over, make sure you
like Because I Can clan, I hope you like this video. Leave some comments if you did and make sure, just make
sure you’re on the page. Cause it’s awesome over here, we have a lot of good,
fun stuff over here. I saw Nicole just jump on, oh Teresa says, what’s
your Facebook group? Can you link to it? Okay, so I’m gonna link to, go to the page Alison J Prince page, and then my Facebook group I started it, I’ll do another Live on that
on where I’m headed with that, and I was actually testing a page versus a group to see which one did better. And so, just go over,
like the page, for now and then I’ll do another
video on the Facebook Live and I’ll do, I’ll show you
a comparison of the two, and what I’ve learned
over the last six months. My sister joined, hi Annie,
I wonder if she’s still on. Rett, Rett’s a junior
high/elementary buddy, ha-ha-ha. It’s fun to see her face on here. Rebecca, Gina, Judy, Julie,
Diane, you guys are awesome. Thanks so much for
joining me this morning. I’m excited to see how this worked. And let me know if you like it, give me the thumbs up
if you kinda like this, where there’s the, you can see, like the notes, you can see
a little bit of my face, you can see some of the
comments that come in. Let me know if you like this, and we can do more in the future. I’m actually trying to figure
out how to do it once a week, so I can just keep teaching you guys cause I love e-commerce. E-commerce changes lives, how do I know? Cause it changed mine. So, alright, I’ll talk to you guys hopefully next week. Kay, bye!