what you should and shouldn’t buy at the
Dollar Tree it doesn’t matter what your income is the Dollar Tree is a haven for
everyone we all know the rule you get what you paid for applies to most things
in life including Dollar Tree products it can be ridiculously fun to shop at
the Dollar Tree whether it be going on a shopping spree for items for your new
apartment or just shopping for party supplies the Dollar Tree seems to
literally have everything from cheap do-it-yourself products to everything in
between the Dollar Tree can seem like heaven for people who want to go on a
cheap shopping spree but while shopping at any Dollar Store is fun and
ridiculously easy on the wallet there are certain things you should avoid
buying and in this video will tell you exactly what those things are before we
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join in on the fun now number 9 electronics anything with a
cable that connects to a power source just avoid them completely so you don’t
have to worry about damaging your expensive electronics at home or burning
your house down it might sound paranoid but the stats
are in and they’re not looking so good the u.s. consumer Safety Committee has
been warning people about the dangers of buying low-quality Dollar Tree
electronics since 1999 electronics can be pricey but there’s also a reason for
that when purchasing electronics it’s best to
make the transaction from an actual electronic retailer or online store
rather than risking it for that unbeatable price even with more and more
people booked coming aware of the dangers of Dollar
Tree Electronics incidents continue to happen more recent warnings have
highlighted products that most people wouldn’t assume to be hazardous
including holiday mini lights and portable heaters
however these dangers aren’t just limited to products that light up and
electronic gadgets the warnings extend to USB cables chargers extension cords
and really anything in and out of the electronics aisle a study showed cheap
cables found in dollar stores tested positive for chlorine it’s a sign that
they’re made with PVC a chemical known to have caused cancer in the people
working at the factories where these products are made number eight
certain plastics the key word is certain and I’ll explain why
dollar store toys have been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
for a long time now the reasons include a high content of lead and small pieces
that break off easily creating a choking hazard plus anything that breaks easily
isn’t the best for toddlers do you want to know what types of things you should
be buying from the Dollar Tree well keep watching until the very end and find out
number seven plastic cooking utensils another item you shouldn’t buy at any
dollar store are cooking utensils the plastic cooking utensils sold at most of
the stores contain bromine a flame retardant and a known carcinogen
according to the National Institute of Environmental Sciences bromine and any
brominated flame retardant bfr is also linked to birth defects and neurological
problems number six beauty skin and hair products
most of the negative reviews on the known brand products aren’t about health
or safety concerns they’re about the durability of the brands consumers found
that brand beauty skin and hair products sold at the dollar store cost less but
they include a lot less product than their grocery store counterparts number
five canned foods there are plenty of reasons why you should opt to get your
canned goods at a grocery store instead the most important one safety a report
by toxic food cans org showed that dollar store off brands or private label
canned goods contained worrisome levels of BPA these chemicals can harm the
healthy development in children and reproductive health number four plastic
bags there isn’t anything harmful when it
comes to dollars to our plastic bags but they are low in quality if you’re fairly
light with the garbage you produce these bags may work for you however these bags
do rip when it comes to heavier loads which results in more of a mess than you
started with number three towels the fabrics that make up towels from dollar
stores tend to be low grade materials and won’t be very durable this low grade
fabric won’t absorb water as intended which means they may be cheap
but they won’t do their job you’ll end up having to buy twice as many dollar
store towels as you would good ones number two vitamins vitamins aren’t
cheap at grocery stores which prompts customers to seek cheaper options
however the Dollar Tree shouldn’t be an option daily finance did a study that
found half of the 18 multivitamins they tested were missing vital ingredients
these vitamins may not be dangerous but you’ll be paying by losing money number
1 meat meat from the dollar store doesn’t sound appetizing but it doesn’t
mean some don’t sell it remember the dollar store isn’t a grocery store and
the same preparation process is not involved it’s best to completely steer
clear of the dollar store meats as they will most likely be tasteless and could
in fact make you sick now that you know what not to buy from the Dollar Tree
here are some things that you should absolutely buy from the Dollar Tree
number 6 party supplies and gift wrap the Dollar Tree has some pretty amazing
do-it-yourself products that you can use to make party supplies and gifts and of
course seasonal decorations gift bags wrapping paper and cards the Dollar Tree
is the go-to place for all the things that involve decorating and parties
dollar stores dedicate aisles to this kind of stuff and it’s what they’re best
at particularly temporary goods for things like events party prep is never
fully done without a trip to the dollar store number five glass where most of
the glass products at your local Dollar Tree are just as good as the stuff you
find at Walmart this includes drinking glasses frames vases decorative bowls
and mugs Dollar Stores have a lot of different colors and styles in all of
those items so you’re bound to find something you like the Dollar Tree is
one of the best places to shop for things
need for an apartment especially if you just moved in somewhere and you need a
whole laundry list of new items you can potentially save yourself hundreds of
dollars by shopping at the dollar store as opposed to bigger stores like Walmart
where you’re more likely to pay much much more for the same items number four
cleaning supplies when it comes to cleaning supplies most of them all
contain the same ingredients that get the job done it may not have the same
appealing packages as big brands or the same exquisite sin but Dollar Tree
cleaning supplies are just as good as brand-name when it comes to cleaning
number three candy candy is candy no matter where you buy it and the Dollar
Tree has all the same brands you’ll find anywhere else most of the time you can
get the same chocolate bars or sweet treats for a fraction of the price you
would at a convenience store you can buy a ridiculous amount of candy at the
Dollar Tree for a ridiculously low price which is why it’s one of the best places
to stock up on candy not only will you save money but you’ll also satisfy your
sweet tooth number two hair accessories while you should probably err on the
side of caution when it comes to actual hair products hair accessories are fair
game from elastic bands to barrettes to scrunchies the Dollar Tree usually has
some incredible bargains compared to more commercialized outlets number one
do-it-yourself items the Dollar Tree has all sorts of crafts
and handy do-it-yourself products and tools you can buy that can pretty much
help you make any crafts whether you’re thinking of making something for your
home or are considering making a unique gift for a friend the dollar store has
everything you need if you’re doing yourself type of person the Dollar Tree
is probably your second home and we don’t blame you what are some things
that you refuse to buy at the Dollar Tree and what are some of your go-to
items when going on a shopping spree at the dollar store let us know in the
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