(upbeat music) (laughs) – Oh, you are recording? Okay, alright. Here are the behind the scenes of how we pick, pack and ship our stuff. Hey, I’m Alison J Prince and
I brought my cute daughter. – Makayla. – Makayla, thank you. She does have a name.
– I do have a name. – For this episode,
because we want to show you and tell you how we make
this whole process work and how we ship out thousands
and thousands of products every single year. So that you can do this too and grow your online e-commerce business. So, don’t forget to like, – Subscribe, share. – Tweet? (laughs) All that social stuff
and let’s get started. (upbeat music) We are standing here,
in my sister’s garage. And now, if you’re thinking, oh my gosh, this is so
completely overwhelming, I wanna tell you the backstory on it. So, push the overwhelming
boxes out of your head because there are ways
to simplify this process. So, some of you know I just
recently sold my business called, PickYourPlum. And we had a warehouse and
everything shipped out of there. But, when I sold the business I no longer had the ability
to use the warehouse and we still had two and a
half containers on the water headed to Utah. So, we had to figure out something to do. So, we actually got a
shipping company all lined up. So, the products weren’t
going to land here, in Utah. They were actually headed up to Idaho. And, the shipping company up
there was gonna ship them out. Because I personally don’t like to ship. I know the process and
I’ve learnt the process. But, that’s the first thing
I wanted to get off my hands. I want to focus on marketing. I want to focus on sales and branding. Spoiling my customers. And not pick, packing and shipping. There’s other people that can do that for you at a really, really good price. So, containers were headed up to Idaho and my sister came to me and said, ‘Hey Alison, what if
I give you a proposal? What if I can ship out and do
all your shipping for you?’ And, I was like, what? You don’t have a warehouse, no, no. And she was just like, no, just trust me, I promise that I’ll make this work. And so, we talked about it for a while. Usually, I shy away
from working with family but, I dunno, I kind of like my family. (laughs) And so, we decided to let her do it. So, whether you are
shipping form your house or whether you’re shipping from another, having another company ship for you. It can all work out.
So, what I wanna do is I wanna take you on a basic tour. If you are using your house but then, there’s the
flip side, the contrast. You can use a shipping company too, so you don’t have to do any of this. When I first got started
with PickYourPlum, I wanted to ship it all out because I wanted to learn the process and I was getting bigger margins. I actually hired a lot of my neighbors to ship out for me and it
worked out really well. And then as we grew we needed a warehouse and brought in full-time employees. So, that’s kind of the backstory behind it and so, what we want to do is just give you a little tour of her, how she’s set up her
shipping in her house. And then, we’ll do another video on exact pick, pack and ship that goes into this whole process. Now Makayla, how many
products did you sell today? – They’re 26, we sold 26 today. I get to pack those today. (laughing) – I think that there’s a big skill in having my children
learn how to pack and ship their products for them. Instead of them, just shipping
it off somewhere else. Just when they’re
starting and they’re new. There’s something about them learning how to print off the shipping labels, to make sure it’s packaged correctly, see where they’re shipping to. It’s something that connects
with them pretty easy. So, Kayla’s gonna be packing her 26 items. – Yep. – And then, my sister will be doing, I don’t know, there’s like 500. (laughing) – There’s a lot.
– That need to go out today, so she’ll be doing that later today. So, let’s take you on a tour, here we go. So, here’s the pallet
that’s going out today. She got this ready last night with some of the orders that are going out and the best thing about
this is that they pick up. She doesn’t have to go to the post office. Because going to the post office. No offense USPS. Oh. Like, that’s the last thing
I ever want to do in my life, is go to the post office with
a whole bunch of packages with kids around my ankles. Like, it’s just too much. And, a lot of the shipping
companies will pick up right at your house to
make it easy on you. So, call your shipping company and work out something, so
that they can pick it up. You just leave it in your
driveway and it just disappears. Alright, so these are
the boxes right here. She has it very organized,
she is a very organized soul. Hence, the reason I don’t like to ship. She’s got all the organization skills, me, I have to have a planner
to organize everything. So, this is where, like,
she’s got ropes around ’em for when we sell them. And, these are the products that are left over from PickYourPlum sale. I guess not left over, but the ones that we ordered that weren’t here in America
when we sold the company. So, I’m excited to sell all this stuff. It’s like Christmas morning. When those containers come, seriously, it’s like Christmas morning. I love it. Alright, so I’m gonna
take you inside her house and then down the stairs. Now, to have respect with her we’re gonna turn the camera
off on her main level. And then, you’ll see us
down stairs in her basement because I love my sister but she doesn’t want to be on camera, very much, or like, at all. So, we’re gonna respect her and just go straight down to
where she ships her products. And now, let’s go. So, here are more packages right here with labels and they’re ready to go. So, it’s kinda fun just showing up and seeing all the packages
are gonna be delivered into the homes of your customers. It kinda makes me happy that part of me and a part of what I’ve sold and made is going to customers. I think that’s a highlight. So, anyways I’m gonna show you the rest. Just kind of a quick tour
of her shipping setup. Alright, so here is the basic, this is the assembly line
right here of her shipping. And then, if we come back here,
you can see we’ve got boxes. That’s just part of it, Right? And, if you use a shipping company you’ll see the exact same thing. Your boxes are just ready to go and it’s really nice,
gets it off your hands. Alright, so right here,
we’ve got a product here. More product here. Here is her storage so we don’t
need to see inside of there. (laughs) And then, we’ve got storage here. And then, we’ve got storage here. Now, I know this might
look like a ton of stuff, but over the next, probably
four to five months, we plan on selling all of it. So, she’s gonna have an
empty basement pretty soon, which is fun, right? To be able to sell, go
through all your products. So, anyways, that’s a
tour of how it’s set up. We’re gonna do another
video on the whole process of pack, picking and shipping. Right? – Yep. And, we’re gonna have Makayla ship out some of her products, so she can show you
how super easy this is. We hope that helped. We hope you liked this tour. Don’t forget to like, share, subscribe, all that social stuff. If you have comments, leave them below. We want to help you build your profitable e-commerce business. And, just remember that, you don’t have to ship
if you don’t want to. You can. There’s something that’s
kinda fun about it. But, there is also a side of, you don’t wanna be up shipping super late when you have a ton of orders come in. So, we highly recommend
getting that off your plate, as soon as possible. Whether it’s through a shipping company, neighbors, friends or the cute sister. (laughs) Alright, we’ll talk to
you guys next time, bye. – Bye. (upbeat music)