Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by! This
is Phuong and I’m here with another message that will hopefully help Inspire you Forward.
In this video I’d like to share with you the 1st reason why I think people FAIL in
direct Sales. Droopy Roots. I was speaking to a friend of mine in Direct Sales recently
who was trying really hard to get me to say out loud that Direct Sales doesn’t work.
I think she was going through a pity party mode and was in search of someone to commiserate
with and I was annoying her to no end because I wasn’t about to give her what she was
looking for. Here’s what I’ve learned in the last 16 years about Direct Sales. It
works! It just doesn’t work all the time. But what does? Life comes at us in tides guys.
I heard something once that’s stayed in my mind. And Its helped me every time I have
bad days. A top producer for our company once said in her speech that the tide comes in
and then the tide goes right back out. That one line has been in my mind for the last
decade. And I was trying really hard to share this one TRUTHISM with my friend. But she
wasn’t having it. So I decided to share it with you ‘cause well you can’t really
talk back at me. That’d be scary. This conversation with my friend got me thinking, “What is
it about Direct Sales that can produce millionaires on one end and people working for years without
reaching the same level of success on the other?” I think I may have some insight
and I’d like to share them with you. There are so many reasons why people struggle in
life period let alone direct sales. This is going to be the first in a whole series of
videos dedicated to giving you some virtual Pep Talks on this topic. So today’s video
is not going to cover the top 100 reasons why people fail. I’m just going to share
with you one of the big ones and I’m gonna try really hard to bust a few myths in the
next few videos in this series. Why do people fail at direct sales? One of the big reason
in my opinion is Not dedicating enough time and not dedicating it consistently enough.
Most people either are not able to dedicate enough time because of other responsibilities
or distractions. I know people are busy. But I think the Devil has a lot to do with that.
I bet he has loads of fun distracting us and then deceiving us into living some crazy lives.
But I digress. Some people loose their passion because of lack of knowledge or being impatient.
If you are just playing with direct sales and only want to have fun, then don’t worry
about it. If the thought of dedicating time is giving you palpitations, turn off the video
this message is not relevant to you. But if you wanna really do something in Direct Sales
– then listen up. Most people go into direct sales on a very part time basis. Or they start
strong and stall out too soon. There’s the failure right there. Think about it guys.
If you work a normal job where you go in 40hrs a week. If you were able to give your business
half the time at 20hrs a week, then it would take you 2 years in your business before you
could even match a normal job. And if people give less than 20 hrs a week well, you can
do the math then right? Let’s look at direct sales earnings. It takes a newbie about 1
month of training to feel okay about going out and making a presentation. Again I know
some people do it on their first day and most people probably should. But lets use 1 month
to be safe. Then it takes another month to actually go out there, hold a few appointments
and see how it goes. ‘Cause what do you do? You mess with your psyche and you stall
for silliness, but anyways. Okay so go back to your first 2 months and calculate how much
did you make based on how much you sold. I think you might be pleasantly surprise. And
here’s the cherry on top of this whole making money milk shake. I am a big advocate of using
direct sales as means to make more money in addition to your job – you’re double dipping.
So if you’re working a job and you are growing a direct sales business, then you are in the
sweet spot of making extra money to invest! Check out my video on how to be debt free
to learn more about that. If your desire is to achieve freedom from a job or to reach
a more enjoyable lifestyle where you control your hours then it is even more important
for you to focus right now to get your direct sales business spinning! Once you are at a
place where your earnings are equal to or more then your current job, and if are able
to sustain it on a consistent basis where you can responsibly leave your job – then
I say go for it! As a side note, I’d love to send an invitation out for mothers to come
home if you can and for fathers to stay close if you can. Our children need us. We are more
then just their physical guardians. We are their emotional and spiritual protectors as
well. When we are distracted, we unintentionally and unknowingly we leave them open as easier
prey. Our babies, no matter how big they get are wonderful reasons to dig in and set tap
roots deep in our live! If you choose to turn off the television and step away from your
electronic devices – you will be amazed how much time you have even if you are working
a full time job and growing a direct sales business. I remember when my kids were very
young that if I focused just 2 minutes, yep 120 seconds of completely dedicated and devoted
attention to them, they are filled by that attention and then they take off to play.
Don’t believe me? Go time yourself. Hit pause on this video, turn off any background
electronics – anything that is going on right now, turn them off. Go to a quite place and
do nothing for 2 minutes. Don’t even look at the timer on your phone. And keep your
eyes open (you’ve gotta keep your eyes open for this to work, focus on something that
is not moving, not even the cursor on your screen if you’re in front of your computer)
and now count to 120 slowly. That was pretty long right? Did you find yourself wanting
to count faster towards the end? It’s pretty amazing how time can be twisted and stolen
from us by all the distractions that the devil puts in front of us in pretty little packages.
Back in the day, I learned that if I am half focused on my kids, they tend to hover waiting
on that focused attention and if they don’t get it, they get annoyed and frustrated and
then it will escalate to irritation and by that time, no amount of time that I would
give them would ever be enough. Now that they are teenagers it seems the roles are reversed
and I have to chase them. But if I can just catch their attention then the conversations
are a joy. Don’t let the things that matter the least be at the mercy of the things that
matter the most! Anyone who’s ever owned a successful business knows that they need
to eat sleep and breathe their business. I think the problem with direct sales is that
if you are part of a really good company, then they have their infrastructure so on
point that it makes it pretty easy for a direct seller to do okay with putting in less time.
If your company has the research and development of new and innovative fresh products done
for you already, then you don’t have to do it. If they’ve got the distribution chain
of product delivery done for you then you don’t have to do that. If they’ve got
a good name recognition then you don’t really have to advertise a lot. If they’ve got
a legal department to cover your cute little tush, training seminars to help support your
peeps on your team, all the way down to contracts with credit card processing companies to process
payments for you and to do it by giving you a good rate, well… you guys, you get where
I’m going with this? Many people in Direct Sales I don’t think stop long enough to
realize how lucky they are as a business owner to only quote, “have to” concentrate on
capturing new customers and building that relationship with them. Being a part of a
strong company really frees you up a lot so some people recognize this. And they appreciate
it and they take full advantage of these support tools and that’s why their business flourish
because they are pushing themselves even further. Where as some people miss the point all together
and so they’re just happy with the little bitty sales and just ride along on the company’s
coat tales. Could it be that you don’t have enough skin in the game to commit for the
long haul? Just investing in a starter kit and then a little inventory is not skin in
the game guys. Most reputable companies now a days will give you a refund on your inventory
investment if you send it back to them within a certain time frame. So can you see how it’s
pretty easy to do just enough and then kinda let things slowly die out if it doesn’t
go well? And then before you know it. You’re kinda out of the game all together. Recently
we’ve been getting some really strange weather where I live. We’d have a warm day and the
next week we’d have snow. I’m a subtropical baby. I was born in Vietnam and raised in
southern California. So all the cold days over the winter where I live now has been
hard on me. I think I have that weather disease. Do you guys ever get grouchy when you’ve
gone too long without seeing the sun? My husband probably thinks I grow horns over the winter.
Anyways, I’ve been willing spring to not just come but stay and usher in summer already.
So I have a mini green house growing in my home right now to give me a little fix. Anyone
who’s familiar with gardening knows that you need light and heat for seeds to germinate.
And if for any reason you forget to give your new little seeds enough heat, then they could
shrivel up and die or worst they don’t even start a sprout at all! I believe that is what
happens to a lot of Direct Sales businesses. Too many people come in with passion, hit
a few bumps, loose their steam and die because of the lack of consistent heat on their productivity.
I’m not saying you have to turn your life upside down to make your budding business
work. I would just like to encourage you to commit to a consistent long term schedule
for your business. If you can commit 20 hours every week for 1 year – watch your business
grow. But if you can’t it is actually better for you to do say 10 hours a month every month
on the same days and times then it is for you to do 40 hours one month and no hours
the next. Did you know that plants do not like wet roots? I’ve murdered a few helpless
plants in my days by watering too much. So the poor plants would droop because I was
drowning them. Isn’t that strange that too much water would make certain plants look
like they’re needing water? So when I did not see the results that I wanted, I kept
doing the thing that I thought the plant wanted. And then, it didn’t work out, and I got
discouraged from a lack of knowledge and then before I knew it, I hadn’t watered in weeks.
Then my poor abused plants would welt and then die because I neglected them. Your direct
sales business is the same way. There’s a learning curve and things are not always
what they seem. Remember, Inconsistency breeds confusions, confusion leads to frustration
and frustrated people make poor decisions especially when they don’t know how to get
out of the vicious cycle. Your business can die if you have the unhealthy habit of stoping
and going and stoping and going. Are you guilty of overwatering your business, drowning your
roots, seeing welting results, getting discourage, neglecting your business and now it’s dead?
I’d like to close with a neat little story about the Chinese Bamboo: You take a little
seed, plant it, water it, and fertilize it for a whole year, and nothing happens. The
second year you water it and fertilize it, and nothing happens. The third year you water
it and fertilize it, and nothing happens. How discouraging this becomes! The fifth
year you continue to water and fertilize the seed and then—take note. Sometime during
the fifth year, the Chinese bamboo tree sprouts and grows NINETY FEET IN SIX WEEKS! Okay
guys, I love this story and I hate this story. Here’s why I hate it, Blind faith is not
good. I hope that you do not read into this story and think that I am encouraging you
to blindly follow anything. Sometimes doing the same thing over and over again and getting
the same results is BAD! I believe that’s the definition of Insanity. This story is
only good if you KNOW that in the 5th year that this bamboo is likely to sprout 90 feet!
So you can keep going in faith but not blindly. How would you know this. I’d go back to
the person who sold me the bamboo and go, “hey, hey what’s up with this?” “Did
you sell me a dud?” And have them tell me the characteristic of what to expect out of
this breed. Or I’d go to someone with a whole grove of bamboos and ask, “What are
you doing? Here’s what I’m doing. Should I keep going or do I need to dig the bamboo
up?” I liken Blind Faith vs Faith based in knowledge to my Love of Jesus and my faith
in God. All my life I’ve looked for him, many times I was mad at him, there were times
my faith was shaken by people who say things like, “You can’t prove his existence.”
And these people are so right. I can’t prove it to them. I can only prove it to myself.
And I do that by having a daily relationship with him and I chase after him in my prayers
and my research. I hope this video has been helpful to you. Now that you know how to avoid
droopy roots in your business, I hope you will decide to dig your roots in deep and
stop worrying about what’s going on above the surface! Keep going and pray for faith
– you can do it! If you love this video and want to make one of your own. Go check out
the crazy cool innovators over at GoAnimate. I’ve put the link to them in the description
below this video for you. As of the recording of this video they were offering a free trail
for you to play with. Thanks for stopping by everyone.