[music] I thought business school was a bunch of guys dressed in suits going to class, and then after going to go work in a bank. I thought it was going to be a lot of math, and I thought it was going to be a lot of accounting. I thought it was going to be really boring. I thought it was going to be extremely formal. You were just going to be a number. You weren’t going to get too much hands on experience. [music] I was interested in accounting. I thought that was it for business. But, I realized that it’s way more than that! Well, I’m going into retail. So, I thought retail was going into study how to work a retail store. Which I personally wasn’t interested in. I learned it’s not! It’s actually a really amazing, educational, and enthralling program. Business is to understand yourself. Business really relays on your own personal skills and how you interact with people. Being able to study business you are getting an idea, putting your hands on it, and you are able to make it work. When we think business, we automatically need to think globally, and understand what that’s going to mean for us and how it’s going to impact us in the future. [music] We are plugged into the heart where the business heart beats in Canada. It’s an urban campus. The place is vibrant, it’s alive! We have very strong industry linkage. You get that real life experience. I’m not sure if many other schools do that, but every single week there is someone on campus offering something for the students. Having once been a College, and then a Polytechnic, and now a University… It has not lost it’s roots, which is you learn by doing as much as you learn by reading. You really get to broaden your horizon. You really get to learn about all the aspects of business. Because of that, when we don’t have an idea of what we want to do we get to dip our feet into everything. It’s a pretty awesome school! I mean it’s a beautiful campus! I bet a lot of people who aren’t in the downtown core. They don’t know how much Ryerson has grown as a University. It is the most representative school of Toronto. You see different cultures, you see different attitudes, you see different perspectives. It’s just a great pool of people here! [music] Faculty here are down to earth, they are practical, they worry very much about where their students are going to go. I love my students! I care about them so deeply, and I’m so proud when they do well. I like seeing the progression from where students start at the beginning of a course to where they end at the end of the course. I love them writing to me saying, Dear Professor Wise we just used the concept that you taught me all those years ago in the boardroom. To see actually that I’m part of their success. I like to speak on topics that are meaningful to not only their business studies, but also for them as citizens of the world. [music] People come in with this amazing passion, and they get through their four years with that passion. At the end of it, they do come out of it with this amazing product and it does change the world. [music]