Hello James Greaney here from internetbizuni.com and in today’s video I’m gonna be giving you three reasons
why you should have your product sent to you before you have it sent to Amazon
FBA warehouses so when I refer to you this can be actually to you and to your
own premises whether that’s your business premises or your house or to a
third party which is usually like a prep center that you would get them sent to
before sent to Amazon FBA warehouse I’m gonna jump in now and explain exactly
why you should do this and not have your items sent directly from your
manufacturer to the Amazon FBA warehouses okay so the first reason why
you should have your items sent to either you or to someone that you hire
is to check over your products before sending them to Amazon’s warehouse so
when you’re dealing with a manufacturer in China you know that they can
sometimes send you not products that are off the quality that you want that’s the
nicest way to say it but what you should do is definitely get a sample first and
usually if the samples good then the bulk product is good but sometimes it’s
not and that’s why you should inspect your items before sending them in to
Amazon because if you send out items that are less than perfect in to Amazon
FBA warehouse and customers start purchasing these items and receiving
them even if it’s only a damaged packaging or something small like that
then simply they will return the product you will have a high return rate which
will affect your rankings on Amazon and this is the last thing you want to
happen when you’re just starting with a new product line or understand like that
you want to post your product to the top of Amazon as quickly as possible by
getting a lot of sales having a good conversion rate on your listing and not
having a high return rate on your product so by either having the product
sent to you to your home or your business location and just checking over
them or having them sent to a prep center and then send from the prep
center to Amazon FBA warehouse you can ensure that the products are off the
quality that you expect and the policy that your customer expects and
all the packaging is correct and all of your bear codes I put on your products
as they should be when going into Amazon’s warehouse as this will avoid
get fines off Amazon or having your products with a high return rate on
Amazon the second reason why you should have the product said to you before sent
to Amazon’s FPA warehouse is and this has become more and more important is
that you have control over your inventory levels you don’t have a load
of units just setting in Amazon’s FPA warehouse like if you order 500 units
from your manufacturer you don’t want to just send all of these 500 units into
Amazon FBA warehouse without knowing that they’re going to sell so if it is a
listing that you’ve been selling for a while and you know this product sells
consistently well then you can send in you know as many products as you think
will sell but if you’re unsure if it’s a new product then sending it to a prep
center and then maybe sending in a hundred of them or however money you
need to do you for the next month then that’s a good way to control your
inventories so that you don’t stack and hit with Amazon storage fees as these
fees are constantly going up as more and more sellers continue to use FBA and
space within these FBA warehouses becomes limited Amazon are putting up
the price off their storage piece so you don’t want to be hit with I need these
storage fees as they will eradicate your profit on your products and having your
products sent to a prep center or stored in your own house and sending them in as
needed is a lot better way of controlling us rather than simply paying
Amazon to store your products in their fulfillment centers and the third reason
why you should have the product sent to you before sent to Amazon FBA warehouse
is because it teaches you the exact process and you’re not simply teaching
your Chinese manufacturer the entire process that they need to go through in
order to get their products sent from their warehouse in China directly to
Amazon FBA warehouse like you can just send us direct from China to Amazon FBA
warehouse but you’re basically just teaching your Chinese manufacturer how
to do this for themselves and when you come back and repeatedly purchase more
and more units of this product they know that this product is selling repeatedly
well and they know exactly where your sales are coming from because you have
just got your order from them and got it sent to Amazon FBA so they know that
your orders the bulk of your orders are coming from Amazon and they can simply
just do this and compete directly against you on Amazon with this product
unless you have the product properly protected and it also teaches you the
entire process when you go through it at least go through it all once with your
first order at least go through it so that you can see exactly how the process
works and again you can outsource all of this later you can hire a prep center to
do this for you but if you know each of the steps that you have to do at each of
the stages then you can easily train someone you know have your own warehouse
just do all of this for yourself as you grow and expand and your business gets
bigger you will know the exact process of getting your products from China to
Amazon’s FBA warehouse or any other warehouse
whether that’s in the UK US or Europe after you have done this one whereas if
you simply just get DHL to pick up your items from your Chinese manufacturer and
drop them to Amazon’s FBA warehouse then you won’t have worked out this entire
process so I hope that you find this really quick video helpful if you do and
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