It’s like the steak took a … in my mouth. You
don’t curse bro don’t say that. That’s how mad I am at this steak. That I’m gonna
go ahead and curse on the video. I’ma say it again too. No. It’s like the steak had diarrhea in my mouth. What’s wrong? Is that there’s another one?
when your uncle makes fun of you when you’re making that face you know this
steak is something special. This is the pineapple disintegration experiment. Today we’re going to find out if
pineapple can completely disintegrate a steak. If you are unfamiliar with the
enzymes of pineapple it’s pretty straightforward.
It has an enzyme called bromelain it has the ability to cut down in proteins and
I’ve used it several times in steaks. It makes it more tender. However I have only
done it for the maximum of 45 minutes never more and I want to know how much
is too much. There’s only one way to find out and we’re gonna do this experiment.
So let’s do it! This is a full choice grade New York strip loin. To make sure
there’s no variation between meats I’ll be cutting steaks directly from it. Once
I slice them open you can see it has a wonderful marbling, and that’s what
you’re looking for when you’re choosing your steaks. Now that we have the steaks
ready I want you to take a look at it. This is what it looks like now it’s a
solid steak. You can see there’s quite a bit of fat perfectly intact and I want
you to remember it, because it will look nothing like this once we’re done. Now to
give it a real-world comparison I am going to trim a little bit of the fat.
Once I was done I have perfectly trimmed steaks and these are ready to be cooked.
But that’s not what we’re doing today. Now to extract our enzymes. The enzymes
are not only located inside of the fruit, but also in the skin. The only part that
does not contain the enzymes is the crown and it will be the only part I’m
not gonna be using. I know it sounds weird that I’m going to also be using
the skin but you have to remember we’re not going to be eating the pineapple,
we’re only using it for the enzymes. Once it has done its job it needs to be
discarded. To ensure that every part of the steak will have contact it is best
to blend it. I’m blending it fine to make a soup out of it,
that will make sure that the steak is completely covered with the pineapple
slush. Now that it’s ready all there’s left to do is soak them in. And here’s
how it’s going to go down; the first steak will be marinated in pineapple for
24 hours. The second one will be in there for 16
hours. the third one we’re only leaving it for
six, and the very last one will stay in there for one hour. If you’re interested
on learning detailed information about each individual steak I made a separate
video. It is way too disturbing to watch it on
this video and it’s not for everyone. But I know some of you will want to watch
the scientific part of it and if you’re interested the link will be down on the
description down below so you can watch it later on. But now let me show you all
the steaks and what they look like once everything was washed off. It is pretty
straightforward you can examine yourself. But now that they are ready to be cooked,
I’m going to be seasoning them very simple. I used salt pepper and a little
bit of garlic powder. Now that we have every steak seasoned
and ready I say it is enough talking and it is time to cook them so let’s do it! Alright we have our beautiful steaks
here. What do you think Ange? Well I’m gonna say this man I’ve never seen you
make a steak say that it’s beautiful and then it doesn’t have a crust. I know
I know he was gonna say that because I’m the crust guy, I can’t live
without crust we love some crust right. The crust is important. But there’s an
experiment with this steak here, alright. So let’s find out. I want to know
your opinion so we’re gonna go on a row we have steak A, B, C and D we are gonna find out. Start here? Yeap. Tank God! Why? Cuz that one that looks like
a little bit of a crust. Yea this is the only one that looks like a little bit of a crust. Steak one, cheers everybody! mmm Wow That’s what I’m talking about. Soft. Super
tender, juicy extremely juicy. Umhum. flavorful. A nice wonderful steak.
Not too much crust but a little bit. I like this one. Are you ready for the second one Angel? Let’s go for it man. Dig in my brother. I guess we’re doing this. et’s
see if there’s any difference. Okay. A little bit of crust okay. Very little the
steak is gray everybody that’s one of the things with this method you can’t
get a very pronounced crust. Anyway Second steak. Cheers buddy! Super tender.
Yeah. A little weird flavor. The flavor is fine, the feeling…The texture. Is like
dust in my mouth. I have a little weird flavor too. Like I know what it is, I know
you don’t know. No I don’t, it’s not a flavor that’s changing it. I don’t like this one Angel.
This one has like a dusty like a wet dust feeling in your mouth. When you’re
biting it is like disintegrating it there is no bite to it it’s just like
powder. I’m still chewing it because I don’t want to swallow. That feeling in
your mouth is just not nice. That is horrible. Yeah I’m not excited now. I don’t like that one at all
everybody oh man. The way it feels like yeah it’s it’s tender but
it’s not like the regular tender like it’s tender but it has like this like
grainy like it’s it’s literally like falling off like dusty and eww. Yeah it’s
like when you bite on it there’s a bunch of little bits that just comes apart on
your mouth. I’m not really excited for the next one hmm . I feel like I got steak
smeared on my tongue. Perfect description. I agree. I’m afraid to eat the third one, ahh,
maybe we should split this one in half N? Yeah that’s a good idea. Let’s split this one in half
cause I’m not convinced. Ah, the feeling of it… It looks bad. It is not a very
appetizing steak let’s say that. Yeah. This is not appetizing but were here to try it anyway and
find out. Let’s go for it. Third one everybody. Aww. That one has less flavor too when
you bite it it’s just like this mush. It’s a mush it’s not as I can’t swallow it.
I swallow it just to get rid of it fast give me a second everybody excuse me. I
apologize this is the very first time I think I ever done that. That one is
totally un-edible. What’s wrong? Is that there’s another one. Like it started
okay. It started great and then. Like immediately started going down. We have
to take one for the team. Hold on hold on. We have tried some
amazing steaks on this channel everybody, if you have if you are new here you got
to check out some amazing steak. Look, Look. Because this is terrible. Go down there
down there click the little picture that looks kind of like this. And see the
library. And just just look for… Yes. A good video. They’re all wonderful. Since this is
obviously not a good video. I’m sorry. This is terrible. Look at this what is that? I
mean look. Go like shake it. You ready for it buddy? No! Cheers
everybody. Alright – Cheers? all right. Enough commodities good luck Guga. Good luck
Angel. oh wow what the hell man! oh I have to feel the texture for you guys. The
taste it’s the taste is not bad, it’s not bad taste. It’s like the steak took a – in my
mouth. You don’t curse bro don’t say that. That’s how mad I am at this steak that
I’m gonna go ahead and curse on the video i’ma say it again too. No! It’s like the
steak had diarrhea in my mouth. Hold on give me one second I’ll describe the flavor. I don’t know what you were trying to achieve because it looks like you’re trying to get tender. Yes. And however it is that you want about this is completely wrong. This one is good then? I feel like… I’m gonna tell you what it is this is the pineapple experiment Angel. We got pineapple for 1 hour 6 hours 16 hours and 24 hour. That’s what happened. Yeah. Is that you should have went 10 minutes 15 minutes 30 minutes an hour.
Guga does it differently Guga goes oh let’s go all out. Yeah we gotta go all
out that’s that’s what it is. Look, look two more minutes this steak would not be a steak it would have just disintegrated. The problem is when you take a bite on
it it leaves pieces behind your mouth that
is extremely unpleasant yeah and it’s not fun to eat. I got you. Regardless of
the taste the mushiness that it has is just horrible it’s very unpleasant and
very unappetizing. To answer that question will pineapple disintegrate a
steak, Angel? Yeah. Absolutely. It feels like dust. It feels like dust that’s a
perfect description it is not good if you are going to use the pineapple
method it works great but be careful. Do not even think about going more than an
hour. An hour would be max, 30 minutes is good 45 minutes is okay one hour max.
If you have not seen the tenderizing experiments make sure you check it out.
There’s already three of them that we tested acid which has pineapples and
fruits and we tested mangoes we tested yogurt I mean there’s I tested
everything to tenderize it and we still have a fourth one coming real soon. Yeah
and you guys want to see more battles let me know and we’re gonna make it
happen. Yeah and if you go and watch the first one you might see me with hair.
Anyway guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you do enjoy this video make
sure you give it a thumbs up. If you’re not a subscriber be sure to subscribe
for future videos. Remember if you’re interested in anything I use, everything
is always in the description down below. Thank you so much for watching and we’ll
see you guys on the next one take care everybody bye bye.