hi welcome back to my channel i think its very cold in India due to winter season i think most of you are not feeling to go out not feel to get up early feel to bunk colleges and schools but you cant do you cant bunk colleges and schools for months and you need to do home works aswell in addition to that you need to take care about your health also so its better to wear jackets and sweaters while going outside today my video is on winter wear haul winter wear haul i have ordered some product from online i felt the products are very good i want to share with you so i made this video but before starting my video if you are new to my channel please subscribe to my channel,share watch video till end and drop comment and if you like my video hit like button my first product is from flipkart that is winter jacket it costs me somewhere around 900 because seasonal offer but now the price is something around 1100 depends on colour and design the price may vary it has cap also with fur i like caps with fur i thought it suits to UK weather and it is detachable it has zip you can see here if you do not want to wear cap you can remove cap and you can use this jacket in little rain also so many times i have used this in rain also you can use this in winter aswell you can use it in countries like UK and USA also but color is not as shown in the picture little dull since i was about to travel to UK could not return back but the quality is very very good i can rate this product 5/5 but i am disappointed with jacket color you have more options in color and designs in flipkart if you want you can buy quality is good second product is pullover sweater with full sleeves you can easily use in India because the temperature is not so low but it does not have buttons if you want sweaters with button you can find many option in flipkart if you want to use as a shirt you can buy this product quality is good already i have washed so many times in washing machine the color remain unchanged and i have not seen any sort of damage…and its very warm you can buy if you want my third product is overcoat from clubfactory overcoat is too good i like red color so i ordered red color good fabric and its very thick and it looks like this from inside it is very thick and the quality is too good it costs me around 2000 you can see in the picture it has belt also if you want you can wear it it also got pockets in it it looks very good good winter product it looks very fashionable if you want you can buy it from club factory but i a not happy with quality apparels like t shirts jeans other cloths you get more options in jewelry with good quality and home decors also but when it comes to cloth i am not happy about quality but this one is god 4th product is black leather jacket this product is also from clubfactory i washed it on arrival and seen no damage or discolor of jacket.its very good price is also affordable it costed me around 1400 – 1500 you can check picture for accurate price its very good. i ordered one size larger than usual size because i am little healthy you can find more options in size design and color the quality is so good you can easily use it in India because temperature is not low comparatively zips are good and quality is also good i suggest this product thats it guys about my winter wear haul almost all products are good except the 1st product the color is not as shown in the picture since it was last minute shopping could not get time to return but the quality is good. i only share the items which i liked the most which i liked the most all jackets which i received are very good i do not recommend any other apparels on clubfactory products are good this time please hit like button share and subscribe subscribe i will meet you in my next video.till then bye bye