– Can we tell the difference
between a name brand and a knock-off? – Let’s talk about that. (alarm rings)
(playful theme music) (fire blasts) – Good Mythical Morning! – I’m a huge fan of the old saying, money doesn’t grow on
trees, because it is true. Money is not fruit. It just sits in your stomach for weeks. – And I’m a huge fan of
the other old saying, extremely discount
products being sold in bulk by shadowy mass retail online companies are probably haunted and full of tricks and you can’t trust ’em! – Mm, but despite Rhett’s disposition, the internet has seemingly
made it more possible than ever to save a buck. Case in point Wish.com. This website is a massive
retail site that has blown up seemingly overnight. But is the discount too good to be true? Do you really have to be
careful what you wish for? Let’s put that to the test. It’s time for wish I may, wish I might have bought this from a discount site. In each round we’re gonna see one item and we’re gonna have to determine if the product is full
price or if we bought it for a dubious steal at Wish.com. – We cannot interact with the item. We can just look at them. They will be presented to
us in a variety of ways, some right here between
us, some over there. And whoever wins gets to
take home their favorite item from the full Wish.com
haul in Good Mythical More! Let’s play. (soft music) – [Stevie] Welcome
Mythical crew member John sporting a gorgeous pink
lip and also some lipstick. This lipstick is either Kim
Kardashian’s luxury brand of creme liquid lipstick
which retails for $45, or a knock-off we bought
on Wish.com for $8. – Can I just ask what
is the point of lipstick that is this color? Like you have to get
within inches of someone to know that they have lipstick on. – It evens out his entire complexion. The lip just goes right
into the rest of the– – You could have been wearing
this shade of lipstick since you started working
here and I wouldn’t know. Have you been? – No.
(Rhett laughs) – No. – Is that the kind that costs $45? – Oh, now he can’t answer that. – I don’t know.
– I can’t touch your lips. – You can’t touch that either. – What is that, that says KKW– – KKV, oh, oh.
– That’s W, you’re just not looking hard–
– KKW. – I mean this packaging, okay. I think it looks great on you. – Well thank you. – So if this is from Wish.com,
well keep it up. (chuckles) Keep it up. Now we’re gonna vote with
these paddles either Wish or not Wish which is AKA nish. Now I’m pretty confident about this. – [Stevie] All right, three, two, one. – Nish, AKA not Wish. – I think it is Wish,
I can see the crackle in his lips from here. – I think the packaging is really nice, and that’s $45 packaging. – Looking at the lips, his lipstick. – [Stevie] This is from Wish.com. – Ha! Ha ha!
– Dang! That’s some good packaging, Wish! – Kim wouldn’t let that
happen to her lips. – [Stevie] Look at the
other packaging though. On the back. – Is this the Kim Kardashian? – Liquid texture, smooth and dense. With velvet matte effect. The color is good. (crew laughing) Okay, Wish.com all the way! – Not great, just good. (soft music) – [Stevie] It’s camping time! Let’s just hope there are
no bears in our studio except for crew member Davin. Is this a Coleman four
person tent which goes for $119.29, very specific. Or was it $32 on Wish.com? – Emily, you having some
trouble with that zipper? – Not at all! – [Link] Is that ’cause
this is a $32 tent? – (chuckles) You think a $32 would have a double door like that? – Oh yeah.
– Oh, mosquito net. That’s nice.
– Mosquito net. You’re really selling it. – It’s very wrinkly but I don’t know, I feel like wrinkly fabric
might be a good thing in the camping world. I think that might be a
sign of, you know, class. – [Link] $120 is not
a bad price for a tent that looks that awesome. – [Rhett] Look at the contraption on top. – [Link] Yeah, what is that? Is that a drone on top of it? – [Alex] It’s just some mood lighting. But this isn’t part of it. – Hm, okay. Of course I can’t go
over there and touch it or get inside of it or–
– Oh wow. That’s informative. – It’s hurricane proof, good. – [Link] Do that again, Emily. Do that again, okay, earthquake time. – Ooh, I’m a bear!
– Oh it really holds up. All right, I feel pretty good about this. – [Stevie] Okay, three, two, one. – That cannot be a $32 tent. – No, that drone on top
tells me this is $120 tent. – [Stevie] Fine.
(Link sputters) It’s from Wish.com.
(buzzer buzzes) – [Crew Member] Oh! – Really? – Really?
– No it’s not. – That’s a Wish tent?
– Yeah it’s a Wish.com tent, 32 bucks. They’re making it look
real good over there. – [Link] Is it crappy when
you’re inside of it, guys? Or is it awesome in there?
– Come on in! – It’s not bad, actually. – Okay you guys can spend
the rest of the day in there, that’s fine.
– See ya. (soft music) – [Stevie] Say hello to Alex. Looking hip as heck in these
sneaks as the kids say. These babies or either
Yeezy 500s which have a $200 sticker price
but can go for over $500 on resale sites, or
they’re just $27 knock-offs from Wish.com. (Rhett chuckles)
– $27. – How’s that grass? (chuckles)
– Versus $500. – Well the funny thing about
Yeezy is I’ve always thought that they looked like they
could just be from Wal-Mart. (gasps) You know what I’m saying, I mean. (crew laughs) I legitimately have always thought that. I’m not saying I wouldn’t wear
’em if I decided to buy ’em but they just look like something that you might see on clearance. – Well I wore a friend of mine’s Yeezys for about five minutes of
my time and I was sold. Well he didn’t sell them to
me but I would have bought ’em for $500 almost, they
were that comfortable. But these, first of all,
that’s not even your size. That looks like three
sizes too big, am I right? – No, actually these fit. – Oh well okay, sorry. You got an oddly large foot. – You’re making some
assumptions about my feet, huh? – Yeah yeah, that’s not an insult. – Yeah I’m complimenting you. – Okay thank you.
– But the Yeezy’s actually even come in that putrid mustard color? – Of course they do. – It’s called desert rat,
is the actual colorway. – Desert rat, okay, okay, okay, so, that supports them being Yeezys, or, a definitive knock-off. Man the price difference is so big. – $27?
– Give me a jump. Oh yeah, one more, give me one more. – [Rhett] Got what I needed on that. – [Link] Give me one more. (crew laughs) – Can you jump on one leg? – Absolutely, Rhett. Here we go. – Oh look at that, yep.
– Keep hopping. Keep hopping, don’t stop
until the show’s over. – I better get some
free Yeezys out of this. (Rhett laughs) – Okay.
– Oh that’s not them? – [Stevie] Ready? – I think I know.
– Three, two, one. – These are 27 bucks.
– Yes, that’s Wish, man. Look at the flex. There was no flex. – [Stevie] Okay, they’re Wish.com. (Rhett laughs)
– Yes! Wish.com but Yeezys don’t
have logos on the outside of them, right, so– – Neither does this.
– I know. So I’m saying that there’s
a chance that you might fool somebody on the street. (soft music) – [Stevie] Fedora or
fe-don’t-ya, am I right? In this case, fedora. Emily’s modeling the
latest in fedora fashion which was either acquired
for free from Wish.com– – What?
– Or for $58 from Tommy Bahama. – You can get things for
free like an add-on item? – Yeah.
– Is that what it is? – Well, at least it’s your size, you know? – (laughing) Yeah, yes, it is. – It’s not too small. – Not in the least. I don’t see a problem here. – It’s perched up there, I don’t wanna– – Don’t touch it! Nope, you can’t learn anything. – You wanna push it forward? – I can’t touch it though. – There you go.
– Okay. It doesn’t move. – Yeah. – You look like you’re
on a case in like Cuba. – Or I look like a dude I dated once who was into swing dancing. (Rhett laughs)
– Oh gosh! Those dudes.
– Yeah, man. – His name was Tanner. – Tanner, gosh! – Oh Tanner in swing
dancing, you know what, Tanner is still into swing dancing. – Get a legitimate hobby, Tanner. I mean rock tumbling is better, right? – Is it?
– Yeah, man. – All right.
– We just lost all the swing dancers. – I got all the ladies tumbling rocks in my middle school days. – And it’s not a euphemism for anything? You were literally tumbling rocks. – Smoothing rocks, man.
– What is tumbling rocks? – You put rocks in a
thing and you turn it over and then you put different
gradations of grit in there and they get smooth and you
can make them into jewelry. – Oh, okay. – It just makes rock smooth, yeah. – Ladies love rock jewelry. (chuckles) – Okay, I don’t really, I don’t know, I’ve never looked this
closely or this long at a straw hat, even
when I was considering buying it myself.
– Straw fedora, Rhett. – Okay, straw fedora.
– Yeah, god. – [Stevie] You ready? – Yeah.
– Three, two, one. – I think this is the real thing. – This is the real deal, yep. – That’s Tommy Bahama all the way. – I can’t pull ahead, but– – [Stevie] Wow guys, you’re both right! It is Tommy Bahama. – That’s a good hat, look at that. – Bahama! – [Link] It even says
Tommy Bahama inside of it. $60! – Yeah when somebody puts that much effort into a weave like that, you
can’t give it away for free. You crazy? It really holds its shape too. – Yeah, totally. (soft music) – [Stevie] It’s hard to
know what’s creepier, the turtleneck Chase is wearing or this cat skull he’s holding. Does he sleep with it? Who knows. This freakish animal skull is either $48 from SkullsUnlimited.com,
or $9 from Wish.com. – I will state up front
I would rather interact with a cat skull than a cat. – Come on up here, don’t be shy. You trying to keep us
away from your cat skull, Steve Jobs? Get up here. Didn’t Steve Jobs kinda
wear this kinda thing? – Yeah, yes, he did. The black turtleneck, yeah. – Look at that belt. – Did you just make a weird purring noise? – $48 or $9. Are you saying this is a
real, no, this is plastic. – [Stevie] I’m not saying anything but is this from Wish.com–
– There are details on there that indicate whether it’s real or not. That’s all I’m gonna say since you seem to be questioning it. – Well there’s something,
there’s like a sponge inside of the nose. You’re saying that’s actual cartilage. – You know, does Wish.com
just come across cat skulls? I mean, is it really that
difficult to find one? (crew laughs) Is it $9 difficult or is it $48 difficult? – I think I’ve heard
everything I need to hear. – And I really hope
that SkullsUnlimited.com is a real website. – [Stevie] Okay three, two, one. – Wish. – I don’t think this is Wish. – Oh we disagree! – I think this is Skulls Unlimited. – It’s my chance to tie! Listen, they can easily manufacture it. There’s a missing tooth.
– Missing tooth. – I think that is just
shoddy craftsmanship. – I think that cat was
real and lost its tooth. – [Stevie] The skull is from Wish.com. – Yes!
– Whoa! Is it a real skull? – Can I hold it now? – [Stevie] We’re not completely
sure if it’s a real skull but SkullsUnlimited.com is a real website. – I don’t think this is real. (soft music) – [Stevie] Finally we have
a brand new laser show. Full disclosure, we have used
this a lot since we got it in so it’s not super new now I guess. This laser show provides pulsating lights and banging tunes for your
whole crew to dance to. And this dance party
starter was either $80 from Guitar Center or $13 from Wish.com. – Oh yeah, $80 or $13. – Look, that is absolutely amazing. I wanna be a part of that
good time over there. – I don’t. (Rhett chuckles) I mean you might get injured. Look at those flailing arms. – [Rhett] Yeah, the more you guys dance, the more I don’t want
to be a part of that. – [Link] Could get hit in the face, man. – [Rhett] Look at Chase. Chase, Chase is going
to murder someone today. (laughing) Wow.
– He’s wearing gloves for that reason? Can you tell me Stevie
if it changes color, ’cause this is just
like a Christmas theme. – [Stevie] I mean there are
multiple colors in there, but no.
– No there’s two colors. Red and green.
– Yeah, multiple. – (chuckles) Yeah
multiple Christmas colors. – Okay. I mean I could see this being
a killer Christmas party. That’s what we’re gonna do this year. – Look, now she’s swing dancing. – [Link] All right guys,
let’s get Tanner out here. – Okay, I feel pretty, I mean, I feel pretty confident about this. I mean based on the magnitude
of what I’m seeing over there. – [Stevie] Okay this
is for all the marbles. – Yeah, I think this is, all right. – [Stevie] Three, two, one. – I think it’s Wish.
– Really? – Yep. This is cheap, man. There’s only two colors and
they’re Christmas colors. – Can you pull that off for 13 bucks? (coughs)
(crew laughing) – Are you choking on a light?
– No, I’m okay. – [Stevie] This laser
show is from Wish.com. – Woo! Yeah! And you know what, I could
either have this cat skull or I could have some
crappy Yeezy knock-offs. ♪ Knock-offs ♪ – Man, I just can’t, I can’t do that. I can’t do it. – Okay well I’ll do that then. – But this cat skull,
I’m gonna grind this up and make it into a tincture. (crew laughing) – Congratulations, Link. You can have that tincture to yourself. Thanks for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – My name’s Tyson from
Orlando, Florida and it’s time to spin the Wheel of
Mythicality (snaps fingers). (Rhett chuckles) – Hey, Pac-Man! – I like his rhythm.
– You never know. I thought something else was gonna happen, I gotta be honest. – Yeah, I was waiting for a firework. – Click the top link
to watch us go through our full Wish haul in Good Mythical More. – Oh we got some other good stuff! And to find out where the Wheel
of Mythicality’s gonna land. – [Rhett] It’s a
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