you’re okay we’re trying on Amazon’s best-selling sports bra I just have like memories of being in PE when you’re a little kid well and having like the worst sports bra and like you have to run a mile and then at the end of P you’re just like oh boob sweat always wear a sports bra so I’ll wear them to bed I’ll wear them on a regular day if I feel too lazy to put on a real bra I feel like all my sports bra growing up as a kid was all off my boobs I slip out so I was like I’ll just won’t worry bra now that I’ve been starting to wear like this kind of stuff I’m like I get it I’m torn because I know it’s coming from Amazon so I feel like it can either be good for the price or it kind of bad I’m ready I know my sports bras let’s do it okay I love when you get something from Amazon and it’s and it’s like only packaging but this actually feels like heavy duty but look it comes if you were gonna go work out you got enough sports bras G wise I feel cups in here yeah there’s a PSA sometimes you wear a sports bra doesn’t have padding you got a little cold gets a little nipple e that is a sign of not a great sports bra or you just ought the wrong thing you should’ve bought something with great I love the color I love the stretch it’s a little more classy like my old sports bra in high school okay but I gotta give it a chance I’m not afraid and my nipples show yeah and use like strapped or stick so I feel like they’re going to be like really supportive all right let’s go try these on sports bra it feels like very heavy duty there’s a lot of coverage straps feel really thick and supportive I think if you’re like going in for like a hence workout like you could totally wear this I probably need to go size up but I think it’s a great sports bra I like that I’m like secured right here a lot of sports bras I have little underboob situation they’re still shaken so let’s really put this ladies workout video [Music] I feel like I’m still like bouncing around but I feel covered though I feel like my sides are covered I do feel like this bottom part is like starting to like fly to underneath the boob I gotta like pull it back down a little bit but it does still feel like really comfortable my old cheerleading coach is gonna look at me and she sees you like that was not a pushup who’s counting I’m not I’m not all right Oh boobs is definitely happening this bottom part has wrapped up it’s so comfortable but it just feels like sweaty and kind of gross now this is a great sports bra for hanging out at the house also it’s handling this situation the pocket that lives here yes I think for the amount of sports Farsight you get it could be a great sports bra I always depends on like your needs or what kind of sports bra you prefer I like the sports bra a lot I don’t know that I would wear this while I’m working out just because I would feel a little like fidgety the whole time I think the value is definitely there if you’re looking for something that’s like not as expensive and you just want to have like a very utilitarian sports bra they can like throw in your gym bag I think you’re getting on your pay for I don’t hate it it gets a thumbs up for me [Music] you