the last video we created a bunch of
simple products also got rid of the right sidebar and created sale item in
this video we then create a variable product so if we go back to our
dashboard and who are products funnily enough then we’ll hit the add new up
here now again we’re going to start with a simple product and turn it into a
variable product so I’m going to click strike to share and we’ll give it some
lorem ipsum just as filler text and we’ll add our image as usual and don’t forget putting your alt text
if you want to do some SEO on that just add something appropriate about your
image there insert it into our thing I’m going to align it right once again
left click and align right this into the short description down
here so our product image scene in which
we’re going to use right here okay so at the moment we’ve got a simple product
we’ll give it a regular price say I think does we won’t make it on sale just yet
now flipping down inventory to in stock that’s fine
shipping a bit of shipping weight whatever the shipping weight is on there
one time how much does it weigh and we as we said before shipping
classes you have to create for your area once you’ve created those you can just
add one here okay this clips map attributes first
attributes of things like size and color and what have you so if we hit the Add
button okay and we’ll say size and we’ll enter what sizes we’ve got as you can
see it’s separated wherever you enter here you want to separate it by a pipe
that’s that vertical line then that’s usually located on the US keyboard just
above the enter key you hit shift and it’s just on the same to use the
backspace usually let’s do small right medium type large and mother pipe and
exhale which is extra large presumably that’s fine and now let’s add some
others I see we’ve got some different colors of this particular shirt so
underneath it’s open another box underneath here so I’m going to color okay we’ve got gray like gray like blue
and we got green so that’s fine save that now at that speed let’s go and change
this to a variable product and we’ve created the attributes we’ve
got our seismic color now we want to create the variation we need to check
the little box underneath visible on product page and it says used for
variations and again with our color use for
variations save attribute let’s go down to variations and a variation and if you
hit this little arrow just to the right it gives you the option to create
variations from all attributes what that means it’s going to create a small
medium large and extra-large for each color we’ve got going there so I’m going
to check on that and hit go yep I want to link all variations and it’s added the variations now here’s
all our possible variations exhale large medium small in all the different colors
here we can go through we can add separate images green blue red gray for
each of these you know if you’ve got a product with different colors there you
can also select a different price if you want to so you know the excels we can
make a little bit more expensive $20 the weight we’ll just leave that blank
because it’s going to be the same shipping class same as parents tax class
same and we’ll upload an image by selecting the little image icon here so if you fill our green image there and I’ll blue image here you and our read image here and finally a great image here if you decide that you’ve got too many
variations going on I’ll just close these off a minute I’m just clicking on
the little arrows over on the right hand side it’s not visible until you actually
mouse over it but if you you know have a little too well as too many variations
either want that maybe I just want sort of a few you can just remove the ones
you don’t want over on the right-hand side here’s a little move tag here keeps
up looping you watching me do these so I’m going to pause this and I’ll just
finish off doing the rest of these just like we’ve been doing there okay we’re
back I’ve put in and I’ve put in the variations I’ve given a different price
for the extra large large and the medium and what we’ll do is I’ll add the
different colors the product gallery there so you’ve got all of them there so
it’s ctrl + click and it’ll select them all okay so much into it and product
tags remember you can help your SEO by putting in anything about your product
there now we want to add a new category in corpore it shirts again so I think that’s just about everything
let’s publish it and take a look obviously depending on what products
you’re selling as to how complex your variables need to be and if you get into
this they are all kind of plugins out there if there’s something you need to
do there will be a plugin that will enable you to do it far too many to go
over in this course anyway so we say that let’s preview our changes now here
it is and as you see we’ve got these boxes up here with the sizes and the
colors and under the price it’s giving a variation of sixteen to twenty dollars
because I’ve got the small starting at 16 and the extra-large at 20 so if we
choose at the moment you can’t add anything to your cart because you need
to choose an option so let’s say extra-large gray well we were let’s try
to choose different color we’re gonna go out there red you see the red shirt
appears and the price changes to 20 if we want the red one in medium it changes
to 18 you can still add it to your cart and we’ll have you and decide how many
you want with the plus and minus buttons there so that’s how to add a variable
product and if we go home they should have appeared on our front page here as
well in our shop page that pays our shirts me so that is how you add a
variable product so I will do it for this video thanks for watching you