Hello, everyone. In this tutorial, I’m
going to show you a great way to improve your conversion rates on your eCommerce
site, and that is by including a live chat area on your site like the one you
see here. So many customers are like coming and viewing many products they may have
questions about products. They may have pre-sale questions. The best and
easiest thing for them to do is click on the live chat area there. They can input
their details, their name, e-mail, phone number, and a message, and you’ll be able
to chat with them directly in real time. I will actually give you a live demo of
how this interaction works at the end of this tutorial after I’ve installed
everything, but follow me step-by-step and you can do it too. By the way, if you
haven’t already, check out my other great tutorial on how to setup an eCommerce
website like the one you see here step-by-step for next to nothing. You
can start using all the great features I teach in my tutorials. Let’s get started. Firstly, just click on the link in the
description below. It should take you to this website here. It’s a live chat
service that allows you to install … to easily install a live chat feature onto
your websites. So first thing to do, sign up for an account. Just enter your
name, e-mail address, agree to the terms, and click the Sign
Up button. That will send you an e-mail to your e-mail address with a confirmation
link. So make sure you go to your e-mail, and confirm your account. Then, you’ll
be able to log in. And after you log in, this is what your dashboard will look
like. So let’s go straight into setting up the live chat widget. Go down to the
Widget section. Now this here is the code that you will need to insert into your
eCommerce site. I’ll show you how to do that a little bit later after we’ve set
everything up. Now in the Appearance tab, just note that before we start, there
will be a few features that are restricted to paid accounts. So a few
things will be disabled, but you will be able to do the majority of things that
we need. Okay. So let’s start with the chat window. You can customize the top
title and this here is a preview of what your chat window will look like. So let’s
customize these little bits and pieces. You can change a theme color. One good
idea is to match the theme color to your eCommerce store color. Okay. You can choose from a small window – medium or
large. In the free version, this is disabled and will stay at medium. You can
actually choose the position of the widget to either the bottom left or the
bottom right of your website. I prefer the bottom right because that is where
most websites have their little live chat window located in that area there. It’s just a
convention which people are used to. It’s not in the way of other things, but it’s
there if people need it. It’s easy to find. So I would recommend leaving this in the
bottom right. Now the chat bubble itself, you can change the background color if
you want to. That feature is disabled in the free version. You can change the
title. By the way, this chat bubble is actually the bubble that people see
before they click on the live chat. So when they when they come into your
eCommerce store when this page loads, they will actually see this. Only when
they click here will the actual chat window open up. So you can customize the
title, then down to the concierge. The display
title is this little title over here, and the byline is the one under it. Cool. Now when
the chat is minimized, you can actually customize what is written over here.
This is the message that will be shown if you’re actually offline and unable to
attend to any chats that opened. Your only online when you are logged into
your ZOPIM dashboard here. You’ll see … I’ll actually show you a demo later, so you’ll understand that
shortly. For now, when you’re ready, click Save Changes. Then, go to the Forms tab.
Okay. Here you’ve got two options. You can either show a pre-chat form, which is
what you see here, or you can turn that off. Now if the pre-chat form is on, you can
actually select whether to request that the user enters their phone number or
not, like you see there. You can allow them to log in using their social
accounts. As you can see, here the user will be
able to edit the name and e-mail address. That’s what they will actually see
when they first come to your … through their first open up your chat window. You
can have a pre-chat greeting, and the rest of these features are actually disabled on the free account.
now the offline form, you can customize what you would like people to see if there is no nobody online to be
able to respond to a chat. So what happens is they can actually leave their
details – name, e-mail, phone number if you wish, and a message, and you will be
e-mailed this information directly into your e-mail inbox. Cool. When you’re happy with
that, click Save. That’s all as far as settings go. You can have a look at the
other settings if you like. Most of them are disabled for the free account, but
that’s fine because we’ve got pretty much everything we need set up and ready
to be able to install this live chat widget onto our eCommerce store. Okay.
So the next thing we need to do, go back to the Getting Started, and we want to embed this
live chat code onto our eCommerce website. To do this, firstly log into your WordPress Admin
Dashboard. Once you’re logged in, there are a couple
of ways that you can add the ZOPIM code onto your eCom website. So in plugins, you can
either Add New, search for the ZOPIM plugin, install and activate that, and then
follow the instructions that it gives you. Alternatively, there’s another way.
I’m going to use the alternate way because it’s just a little bit easier
for me, and that is I simply want to copy this code. I … Currently, I’m running the
Mystile theme. If you followed my tutorial on how to setup an eCom
store, you would be running this one as well or you may be using Storefront if you’ve
watched that tutorial. All you want to do is go into your Theme settings, and then go
down … and you should see an area for tracking code. This box allows you to
import any code that you need added to your website. It could be your analytics
code or it could be any other code. Basically, it’s added onto a website such
that it is on every single page because it’s really important that when you add
this code, it appears on every page of your site, not just the Home page. So this
will do the job. If you enter that code, copy and paste into the tracking code
area. As you can see, this will be added to the footer template of your theme.
Essentially, that means that it will show on every single page. Then, go down and
save changes. Cool. Now let me just refresh my website, and
let’s see what happens. There you go. As you can see, there is a live chat area
that appears on the bottom right. So a person can be browsing your eCom store looking to
buy something. Maybe they’ve come across a particular item and they’re not too sure.
They see that, “Hey, you’re online”, and the live chat is open. There you go. Then,
the person would start chatting. What would happen then is in your ZOPIM dashboard, you would
actually see that there’s a request here for a live chat. As a admin, you would
be able to respond to that. As soon as you respond to that, the customer would be
able to see your response in the chat window. That’s essentially how it
works. Now the user can thumbs up, thumbs down, close the chat, etcetera,
etcetera, and the good thing is each one of your chats will actually be stored in
your chat history. I believe that’s this area here. Yep. There you go. So any chats that you have
or that your staff has will be stored within this chat history. So I hope
that’s been helpful for you. I hope I’ve been able to show you how to easily add
a live chat to your eCom store. Please thumbs up this video. It really helps me.
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Also, let me just show you some of the restrictions of ZOPIM with the free
account. Currently, we have a free account. So we can only
have one chat at any one time. From what I understand, there is only one agent that
can reply. However, if you’ve got a large business, you can see that these
limitations are lifted. You can have unlimited chats, and you can have more
agents attending to all of your customers. So that’s completely up to you,
how you would like to go ahead with this ZOPIM product. But for now, I hope that’s really
helped. Pleas, thumbs up, subscribe and ask any questions below.
Thanks for watching.