What’s up you confam So today I’m gonna make kind of part two to my top 5 worst items to sell on eBay Just before I get in that I just want to make the announcement again If you’re not already in with my giveaway competition at the end of the week this Sunday We’ll be choosing a winner to perform a store audit and review I will go through the products make suggestions for optimization Research and write out them an action plan what they can do to take the store to the next level So if you want a chance to be in that comment I’m in on this and make sure to join my private mastermind Facebook group and follow me on Instagram and obviously subscribe and like this video Ok, so let’s get into it So these this is this list of 5 things are put in my personal opinion the worst things to sell on eBay So as you can see, I haven’t picked out exactly 5 particular products Although I’m going to go through a few examples as well. But these are the things that I found I’ve created the most problems and stress and hassle for me. And now that I learned from it I just want to help you guys in so you can avoid any potential errors Especially those that can put your eBay stock risk to get you suspended or completely restricted from selling and we don’t want that Okay. So again into this the first thing knock off items What do I mean by knock off items fake items or counterfeit items? And so the reason I stay away from these things I know some people said oh, yeah, you can make a lot of money if people think is real Gucci firstly I don’t feel right selling those things Claiming that is the real thing. I Personally know a good friend of mine who’s doing crazy numbers sell on ebay who started selling items from Aliexpress? They weren’t even false may be branded items But they were just in the style of items without the brand and what do I mean by that? maybe selling wallets that have maybe Gucci designs or Lou Vuitton designs doesn’t say it or maybe this is a difference some other random I’ve been duty while it’s that’s a gucky or something ridiculous like that So they’re obviously fakes and knockoffs of the originals, but they will get you banned so fast an eBay, especially some complains another Close associate of mine. I remember had only two complaints Until he was completely restricted from selling period and so I would completely stay away from knock off items Even though you can get them super cheap amount Express, please stay away. I wouldn’t risk the store It’s not worth it for that. Tiny bit of profit I’m second thing. I want to talk about is high ticket items and what I mean by high ticket items is ticket items that have a high selling price point so I Typically would never sell anything that’s over a couple hundred dollars or pounds I know some people like to sell things maybe some sort of king-size bed. That is a thousand dollars But and they say oh no, you became a two hundred dollar profit I’ve been there. I’ve tried it I’m a profit not worth the hassle because they’re the reason you have a different I guess type of Consumer when it comes to those sort of products when you’re selling products out, maybe between the fifty and a hundred dollar range That’s a different set of consumers as well. Those are the people who will most likely impulse buy Whereas the people who are buying me items out of 500 dollars plus those people have put time in it. Most likely they’ve consulted their spouse Brother sister someone else their friend and they’ve taken time to think about this And so if one thing goes wrong with that product, they will give you hell and trust me is not worth it, especially Where you can get in situations? Where you can’t return the item, and now you’re 700 down dollars down the hole. It’s not worth it. I’ve been I’ve made Profit like a hundred dollar profit from items and things like that, but the stress that comes with it is not worth it And that’s just my personal opinion other people might tell you different. That’s why I’ve experienced I would complete stay away from high tech items because those so consumers they will give you hell if anything goes wrong And I don’t buy them because I probably would too if something went wrong if I wasn’t spending that much money, uh-huh The third thing I’ll talk about electronics. And before you say anything. I know in the last video I said are selling a/c units I think so that I’m talking about these electronics that are quite complex things like computers laptops phones The reason why I stay away from these things is again. A lot of things can go wrong a Computer can get damaged while you’ve been delivered to To your customer and that can cause a lot of issues you might not be able to replace your attorney my proper problems with that There’s always something that seems to go wrong with like a high grade electronics. I don’t know what it is I’m not talking about like tiny little things maybe a DVD player or anything like that. But if you’re selling like $800 TVs and thousand-dollar computers. It’s kind of the same thing with high ticket items again Things are going to go wrong. Whereas if you’re selling maybe like a table There’s not as many things that can go wrong as selling like maybe like a motherboard from a computer and so that’s the reason why I say for electronics again because you only get complaints you want to get open cases against you and you obviously don’t want that especially if it ends in like the they closed it in the right of the buyer, so that’s why I personally stay away from Electronics I mean high-grade electronics specifically I will sell things like a/c units Maybe radiators heaters and small things like that, but I won’t sell anything. That’s too complex fourth item I want to talk about it’s not an item exactly but it’s I guess a group of items and that’s saturated items and I just wanna explain what I mean by that there’s a few niches that I stay away from one of them is Foreign accessories if you type in iPhone cable on eBay, it’s crazy. You’re never never Okay, not never but the chance is you’re never gonna sell an iPhone cable just because there’s someone out there from China sourcing all this stuff that’s getting for dirt cheap and making absolutely Tiny profit margin and that’s why I would stay away from this thousands of thousands of sellers again things like I Tried to say I remember when I first thought I tried to sell things like protein powders well-known branded protein powders And I never made a sale from any of those because there’s always someone who’s selling it cheaper than you who’s bought it in bulk And so stay away from the stuff. That’s to saturate a lot of health Right things are saturated unless you get particular products. I’ve had success with maybe certain type of pills that are unique but things that Like that and certain electronic items that are super super saturated something that you just know. Everyone’s going to be selling I Definitely stay from that because unless you’ve got a competitive edge and your products unique or something about what you’re doing with that products unique You’re probably not gonna make a sell fifth and final thing and trying to keep this video relatively short bad feedback items when you search Amazon or Walmart or in the UK like things like as the Research any of those things. You’ll probably come across a product that’s on half price discount But it only has like one and a half star ratings and then you go to the comments then the person said wow this this how little dolls houses a piece of junk is looks like it’s made out of cardboard and you’re like Oh, that looks pretty good though, and I could make a really good profit. People are selling this really high It could undercut them may be legit sell profit Don’t go there you’ll have a lot of problems if if people are saying is junk and you’re selling it They’re still gonna think it’s junk This is where value comes into play you want to sell items of value? Not just for profit if you’re just going for a profit for everything that you’re selling This is the wrong business as with every business You’re trying to create value in the products that you’re selling it to customers focus on value and the profits will follow so sell items that are only on value that’s typically why I stay away from really really cheap products and A lot of how the express price as I stay away from because I’m trying to provide My customers with value and I’m trying to rip them off. I’m not trying to give them something crap because I Personally, just a moral standpoint. I place my Self in the position of the customer. How would you like it if you bought your Daughter a birthday present and on her birthday, she opens it and it just the present just falls apart. It’s terrible not only that that you just get bad reputation the leaf bad feedback and if as Everyone knows bad feedback is really Really negatively impacts your store and it can drop you out top seller rating. So that’s what you want to word You want to focus on providing value for your customers and let the profits follow? In the beginning. I know it’s Eve. It’s you’re just trying to make like your quick buck You want to get the money rolling straight away try to forego that that’s my best advice I can give you as a beginner try to forego the profit at the beginning don’t even think about the profit think about building up Your store think about getting a higher profit higher Sorry higher selling limits lower profit items just to build up your soil try to build up your feedback Try to build up value with the products that you’re selling never try to rip people off try to get a quick buck or do something shady online because you will eventually get exposed and It’ll come to bite you in the butt Afterwards, so just try to stay away from that So guys that’s my top 5 against Nicias or type of groups of products that I stay away from a hope. This has helped you If you have any more recommendations, feel free to leave in the comments below I will be coming out with a video again tomorrow Which I think will provide a lot of value to you. That’s what I’m trying to do with this channel I am new to YouTube and if you see me don’t be scared by them a subscriber count’ I’ve made this account because I want to help people but just by being real I just Want to be I’m just an average guy. I’m not one of those I guess guru millionaires driving a Lamborghini It’s just a normal guy like any of you just trying to help you guys out get yourself role in providing vehicle value No Give you a little snippet say oh if you want to know more Buy this buy this buy this just trying to help you guys out So I hope you enjoyed you this video If you have lives too leave a thumbs up and subscribe it that really helped me out and I appreciate it Okay, and I hope you all do well and take care