– Hey, I’m here with Callie King and she has an amazing story
in her online business. So Callie, welcome. Thanks for joining me.
– Thank you. – Super, super excited about this. – Me, too. – You got just a cool story. Can you just tell everyone a
little bit about your business? – Sure, I teach horse riding and training and I do it in person, I
have a farm in Pennsylvania. About six years ago I started
taking that business online and teaching courses for,
teaching people how to ride and how to train the horses. – You had an offline
business bringing people in, giving them one-on-one lessons? – Yeah.
– Group lessons maybe? – Yeah, I would do both. I would have people come in and either bring in their own horse,
ride one of my horses, or I would have, a lot of the business was actually horses that would
come to me for training and they would leave
again after 30 to 60 days. – I know there’s, like
everything, it’s more complicated, I don’t know anything about horses. (laughing) But everything’s more complicated
than you think, right? There’s different styles of riding and lots of different kinds of horses. – Absolutely. – Do you have any kind of specialties? – I do; I specialize in
working with behavior problems and what’s a little bit different about how I train than a lot of
other methods in the industry is I really take a science-based, evidence-based approach to training. So when I teach people how to train, instead of just teaching
them a methodology, I teach them the science
and the psychology of behavior, how animals learn, how we can better communicate with them. That’s really what makes me different than a lot of other trainers. – So some period ago you
had this thought it’s like, “Wow, what if I could
create an online business or maybe a part of this be
online or something like that?” – Yeah, it was actually,
it all started with one of my riding students. She came in for a lesson
and she did a lot of sales and she was starting to teach sales and she had this idea, she’s like, “I read about this thing called blogging. “You can make money. “I’m gonna blog about sales. “You should blog about horses.” I was just kinda like, “Ah.” And I went home and started
researching blogging and that’s what started it. – And then it was just instant success (laughing) and massive glory and sipping
Mai-Tai’s on the beach right from that moment on, right? – I wish. No, I tend to jump into
things pretty wholeheartedly which is both a strength
and sometimes a weakness. So when I first went into doing this, I had started blogging and I
was doing that consistently but when I wanted to
kind of create a way to make money off of this,
to do my first course, I hired someone to create the website. That was about $4000 just
to build a simple website. And then I hired a video
production company to come in and spend a day, it was around
six grand just for the day. So I had a pretty big initial investment and at that time, even
my in-person business, while I was busy there, there
wasn’t a ton of cash flow. So I took a loan out
to do that. (laughing) Against everyone that I talked to, thought it was a crazy idea and I didn’t have the
marketing skills to do it. That floundered for about two years of just trying random things and I could not get these little videos that I had made to sell. I sold one to my mom and a
second that my mom bought for my uncle ’cause he’d
just gotten a horse. (laughing) – And then what happened from there? – The big turning point was I got PLF. I got that in 2013. In about a month of buying
it I did the Seed Launch. And when I did-
– Wait Callie, so I don’t want to
[disrespect] other trainings but it sounded like you went
through a number of approaches and trainings and programs
before Product Launch Formula? – I did, yeah, I went through quite a few. And they were all good in the little pieces that they gave me but it wasn’t the right
thing at the right time. And what I really appreciated about PLF is it was so step-by-step. It was something that I could follow and I had this fledgling
little product idea and I could actually put
it through the process and start to see things. Gain traction. – Then you said I think that, we were just talking off camera, that only about a month after you joined Product Launch Formula then
you did your first Seed Launch. – Yep, I did. So I offered that, I
had a super small list and I had a number of
students that were one-on-one. I offered it to them and I
was selling it for 50 bucks and I sold one spot but
then I comped in about 10 of my current in-person clients. From their feedback, again just following what you teach with Seed Launch, it created the first version
of the actual course. – When you said you had
a really small list, approximately how big was it? – I think it was about 100 people. So I was still a little
disappointed with one sale. (laughing) – Right, right. For everyone listening along at home, you know this because
obviously you’ve done it, the Seed Launch is your first launch. You can do it with a very
small list like 100 people. One of the keys to a Seed Launch is that you’re actually creating
the product as you sell it and then you create it as you deliver it. – Yes.
– Only one sale, only $50 but then what did that lead to? – Since I had 11 people
because I had the one sale and the ten that I comped in, each week I would basically
send them a survey, ask them what they wanted to learn and I kind of had an outline in my head of what I wanted to teach. I combined those two and
created each module as we went. So then I took that and made some tweaks and when I offered the second edition, my list hadn’t really grown,
I think I had about the same, 100 maybe we were about up
to 150 people at that point, but I had been able to get
through the rest of PLF so I’d learned a lot
more about the marketing and that one I sold 10 spots at $147. – Okay so you went from
$50 in that first launch and now it sounds like $1500,
did I get that math right? – Yep. – Cool. – Yeah. – Yeah and then you’ve
come a long way since then. Fast forward, what
happened going beyond that? – For me, my path has been,
when I really look back it doesn’t even feel slow. At the time it felt very slow. Kind of a slow and steady approach of they just progressively
would get larger and larger. The biggest one to date
as far as just launch was about two months ago, on
actually that same product, that has had different
evolutions but we closed at over $175,000 on that launch.
– Wow, congratulations. – Thank you. – That’s amazing.
– Thank you. – That’s some serious growth. This is the same product
although it sounds like you’ve redone it, remade it. It’s the same core that you learned. I like to think about it,
like in that Seed Launch, you’re learning how to teach it. And you already knew all this material but learning how to teach
it in an online format. – Yeah, absolutely, and
especially something like riding, a lot of people are even surprised that that can be taught in an online format so going through that
process to figure out how to do that effectively was important. – Wow, wow. And you mentioned there’s so many amazing parts to your story. You at one point, because
we’re shooting video, Callie’s looking around
looking at these cameras and it’s fun to look at this and to figure out what we’re doing but because you do a
lot of filming in yours with your courses and
you’re filming complicated, hard stuff which is people riding horses. – Yeah. – Right, so tell us about
your facility you built. – Yes and this was not
only building a facility for what we need to do for videos but, honestly, kind of
fulfilling a dream of mine, to create a center, really,
where people could come and I could have other teachers
come in, it was a dream. Built an indoor arena. It’s about 84 by 200. – Feet? – Yep.
– So it’s big? – It’s big. – Horses riding around. – Yep, we have a viewing area. It’s beautifully done
with the woodwork inside and nice bright lights so
we can do videos year round. – Do you have a name for that facility? – It’s Honey Brook Stables. – Honey Brook Stables?
– Yep. – Is it safe to say that PLF had a part in building
Honey Brook Stables?- – Huge, huge part. Because, the way that in my area and the way that the horse
business works, it’s tough. It’s a tough business to
do boarding and training. And quite frankly I
never would’ve been able to support building that kind of facility doing business the way that I was before going online and finding PLF. – Yeah it seems like
the horse industry is, it’s one of those a lot of
people want to do it, right? – Yeah. – A lot of people, there’s
a lot of competition. There has to be. There’s a lot of 13 year
old girls that would kill to make a living with horses, right? And I’m sure boys, as well, too. But it’s gotta be very competitive. – It is; it’s definitely a dream job and I’m thankful everyday
that I get to do what I do ’cause I love it. – That’s very, very cool. So that 150 person email list,
what has happened to that? – That is today at over 23,000. – Wow.
– Yeah. – And do you, this is one
of the things that I think people when they’re looking
at PLF and they’re thinking, “Oh that, I’ll do one launch
or whatever and move on. “Or if I could just get
launched then everything “is beautiful and bright
and my life is perfect.” But you’ve been just on this
journey of getting better and better and better and
growing and growing and growing. What have you learned in that journey? What are some of the
challenges you’ve faced and how have you overcome them? – A good question. I would say for me the biggest
thing that I’ve learned was to just to have the
mindset to just keep going. So when something wouldn’t work or wouldn’t work like
I had expected it to, to take the lessons from
that and keep moving forward. For my path it took those stepping stones to gain the momentum in terms of numbers and pieces of the business but
also just the personal skills that it took to grow that. That was a big part for me, is just even my own personal growth has been a big part of this journey. – And now you’ve actually,
you’ve got a team, you’ve built a team.
– Yeah. – How many people did you approximately, I know you have some
part-time and some full-time. – We’ve got about six that are
very active in the business. – And it’s partially virtual. You have at least one person, you said, in Australia.
– Yes. – What has that been like
learning to build an entire to run a company? – It’s been huge, I mean, I love it. It’s been some of the biggest
challenges of the business. That’s a big part of that
personal growth that I mentioned but having other people that
start to share your dream and excitement for what you’re doing and other people that
get what you’re doing to bounce ideas off of and also the concept that
you can build something bigger than yourself,
it’s really exciting. – One of the things I
admire just watching you and your journey is we’ve
known each other for I’m not sure how many years,
like three or four years, something like that, is
just how you’re always, you’re never just standing still. You’re always learning,
you’re always pushing, you’re always doing something. And that’s been really amazing to watch, really fun to watch. – Thank you. – When was the, when you felt like, “Ah, I really got this.” When you, $50 and then $1500,
like in terms of launches, did you have one that was sort of like, “Boom, this is gonna be a business. “I’m going some place,
I’ve got this figured out “even if I don’t see the ultimate path “but I know that I’m on the right path?” – I think for me it was
actually that $1500 one. – Really?
– It was. ‘Cause it was just like I did this, I pushed past those kind of two initial, I could’ve called them failures
with spending all that money and taking that loan and getting no return and then putting kind of the first slightly educated marketing out there and having that not work. When I did it again and it did work is when it really, really felt good. And I think the launch that actually just personally felt the best was … we had talked a
little before about how I’m starting to bring other instructors in and we did one with a woman named Wendy and it was really big financially,
it was over six figures but it wasn’t the size of it, it was what it did for Wendy’s life that was personally the most fulfilling. – For the people at home,
let’s back up a little bit because Callie has progressed so far that she’s not just
launching her own products but now she’s having other
experts in her field, the horse field, I don’t
know you would even call it. What would you call it,
the equestrian field? – Yeah, equestrian horse training. – Horse training. Other experts, some of whom were your- – Mentors. – Mentors.
– Yeah. – And you’re helping them bring products. So are they actually coming in and shooting within Honey Brook Stables? So you’re producing the video and they’re now the
person, the front person, but it’s all landing under your company so you’re helping them out, you’re helping them get
their work in the world but you’re also giving them
a great big financial payday. – Yeah. Yeah, the two people that I’ve done that in the biggest way with so
far were both personal mentors and they’re people that
I have always considered to be the best at what they do but they’ve always struggled a little bit as far as in the business sense. Which I think is common. A lot of people when they are just, they have that skill
and that’s what they’ve put their life into is perfecting that and to take it into the
business world is tough. To be able to bring their knowledge and expertise to a bigger audience, to the audience that
I’d built and help both, the person I was partnering
with as well as our customers, it was fun, it was fulfilling. It was one of the best
experiences in business so far. – That’s cool.
– Yeah. – Yeah I imagine there’s
just a lot of people that they love horses
and they’re good at it but it is, it’s a competitive field, like so many other fields. But the fields that people really love, I swam with dolphins once and I’m like, “This is the one thing I would give up. “If I could just swim
with dolphins all the time “and be a trainer, I’d give everything up “because this is so amazing.” – Yeah.
– Yeah, but I’m sure that’s a
competitive field, too. But would you put yourself
in that boat of someone who, you didn’t have the
business skills, right? You were sort of, you figured it out. – Yeah, yeah I did. I’ve always had a little bit
of the entrepreneurial mindset. My first business was I sold caterpillars when I was a little kid for
people that were going fishing. So I’ve always wanted that but I didn’t have any kind
of formal business training. – Very cool, absolutely amazing. Before I forget, because I’m famous, where can people find more about you? – Yes, my website is crktrainingblog.com and that’s where everything
comes out of there. – crktrainingblog.com, so
for someone at home watching who’s maybe they’ve got a
skill, they’ve got a market, you’ve been on an amazing journey. Years long journey,
you’ve now built this up. You have this amazing facility,
you have a great business, you’re doing these great launches, you’re doing other
things besides launches, you have a team, you’ve
helped your mentors, you’ve got products that are
both yours and beyond yours. You just keep on progressing each year but a lot of people are just
at home and they’re like, “Can this online business
stuff actually work?” What would you say to them? What’s been your biggest,
I’ll leave it there. What would you say to them? – I would say just baby steps. Looking for just the next thing to do and doing that and building off of that and also realizing that
you don’t have to learn and do every piece by yourself. We touched on building a team and that was really big for me, too, is realizing that I didn’t have
to become the video expert. I could get someone to help me with that. I didn’t have to become
the best at social media. I could get someone to help me with that. That really allowed the business to go in the different
directions that it did. – Cool. And then one more question
that got brought up because she just mentioned social. You have an email list,
you’re up to 23,000 and also we were just talking
off camera that I know Instagram’s gotta be a great
channel for this market and Facebook I know is a
great big channel for you. So you’re building a
following on Facebook, you’re building a following on Instagram, I don’t know if you’re
doing YouTube or not. You’re doing YouTube, as well. – That’s actually been the biggest driver of the business since the beginning cause when I say blogging a lot of my start was
basically video blogging. So just posting a video once a week. – Oh cool. – And that built YouTube
and most of our audience website views come from people
bouncing off of YouTube. – Cool. A lot of people, they question, you know how I feel about email, you’ve seen enough of my stuff, but a lot of people are like, “Oh email’s so 2000, it’s gotta be social, “it’s gotta be social.” How do you feel about how
all the social channels fit within your business
and within your email list? – I have definitely done
what you’ve taught in using the social channels to bring
people to the email list. And I like doing it in that way. For me, the biggest reason
is I have such close conversations with the
people through email. Long before the sales process
is even part of the picture, they’ve started watching the videos, they end up on the email
list through the website, and they send me emails that
are so personal and heartfelt and we end up creating such
close relationships through that that I don’t feel would
be the same if we were doing that over a Facebook
or a YouTube messenger. Any of those other platforms. – Very cool.
– Yeah. – Wasn’t Callie awesome? Scroll down, leave a comment,
tell her what you think and let’s go get ’em this week.