welcome to network marketing pro my name is eric worre en happy new year I can’t believe it’s been almost eight years since we started network marketing Pro in that time thousands of free videos have been put out into the world with the intent of raising the level of professionalism in network marketing of increasing the mindset and teaching people how to be thinking like entrepreneurs and to give them strategies necessary to become successful every year at this time I look back at the previous year and I take inventory and I create a better game plan for the future year on in this video I want to give you a little bit of a glimpse into the future of network marketing Pro and the role that you’re going to play in that future see in 2016 we lost a little something when it comes to the conversation we didn’t have as many videos coming out to you on a regular basis we just had a weekly video that we came out once a week and we provided 52 great videos I think in 2016 for you to become a network marking professional but I’m going to go back to old school in 2017 which is more frequent content in 2017 we’re going to be bringing you amazing free content online we’re going to do it more frequently so I ask that you go on this journey with me for a full year for a full year I’m going to be bringing you videos on skills on mindset on strategy event highlights from the different events we do around the world interviews with world leaders interviews with million-dollar earners best practices what’s really working out there in the network marketing profession celebrities like we’ve done in the past we’re going to continue with that and beyond so what I’m going to ask of each of you is subscribe to the network marketing pro inside or email list if you haven’t done so already all that’s going to do is you’re going to be first to get this content that I’m going to be putting out for free ok just go to the link that’s on this page get yourself subscribed and let’s begin that process together and do me a favor and commit to engaging with that content daily for one year like comment share not for my ego just so I can see that you’re there and we have more of a conversation together through this process I’m excited for what we’re going to be bringing to you on a more frequent basis bite-sized chunks designed to remind you daily of the power of network marketing I want to be your partner for the next full year almost like a virtual coach for the next full year all for free if you’ll engage in that content I’ll be on this side engaging with you so here’s what I want to ask of all of you in this 2017 consistency for one year bring a consistent effort you know that your hot and cold no more of that hot and cold be consistent for one year number two the truth is good enough in this new year let’s all work hard to represent the full opportunity we have in network marketing without exaggeration we don’t need to exaggerate our products we don’t need to judge rate how easy it is we don’t need to exaggerate the financial opportunity the truth is good enough inside of network marketing we already win when it comes to entrepreneurial options for the average person in the world today we win the truth is good enough next is mindset invest your time and energy in reprogramming your mind for success as an entrepreneur most people think like employees even when they step into the entrepreneurial arena in network marketing you got to learn to think like an entrepreneur we’re going to work on that together next is skills in this new year make a renewed commitment to becoming world-class at the network marketing skills necessary for success they’re not that hard to learn but you need to commit to learning them and mastering those skills next is strategy engage in best practices and I’m going to be bringing those to you on a regular basis to maximize the time that you have to get the best results and leadership it’s time to demand more from ourselves to demand more for yourself and to develop more leaders top influencers more top people out there making things happen than ever before leadership is the name of the game together we’re doing some important work let’s make this our best year of our lives of our careers who’s with me let’s create a movement to end all movements and take the network marketing profession to the level of respect it deserves all over the world I want you to know that I’m your biggest fan that I love you all that together we’re doing important work and if you’ll engage with me I’m going to bring you the best I’ve got for 2017 and beyond I love you all I’ll talk to you soon and let the journey begin you