Hey this is a Simon Chan, my purpose is
to have a positive impact on as many lives as possible. And you’re watching Simon Says Hey Hey Simon Chan and welcome to Simon Says- The Online Duplication Show where you gonna build a successful MLM business online. Hey you got the questions and I’ve got your answers Now I’m gonna help
you attract online, recruit online, and duplicate online, as we go through the
Ten Stages of Online Duplication. So welcome to the show,
as always we start with something funny There’s two neighbors, they’re talking,
and then one of them mentions guy lost his job. And the neighbor asked him- so why did the foreman fire you? And the neighbor
said- “well you know how the foreman just stands around and watches everyone else
do the work…” Well my Foreman got jealous of me People thought I was the foreman… *cricket cricket So anyway, that’s just like Network Marketers right We want to be, sometimes the leaders “we want our downlines to do the work” We’re all waiting for someone down the line to do to work But no one’s doing any of the work No one’s doing any income-producing activities So hey you got to make sure,
leadership is about leading by example go out there, whenever you want,
best way to motivate downlines by the way, motivating downlines, you know what- talking about motivating downlines where’s Zombie Zane, we’re gonna bust him out He’s always sleeping, your downline Best way to motivate him- Any chance, more training,
talking at him, scolding him is not gonna wake him up, cause he’s sleeping. He’s Zombie Zane, he’s a sleeping downline. Only way, the best way to motivate downlines is leading by example Do you the thing- whatever you want your downlines to do Do that, and there’s two
things will happen Number one- he’s still gonna keep
sleeping, but we knew that he’s a zombie already Or number two, he actually wakes
up, he inspired, he sees you doing activity Getting the results, and that inspires them to do it, build the business and wake up. So anyway Zombie Zane go back to your bed, and because it’s easier to give birth than to revive
the dead. Alright so let’s go to today’s question of the day Johns from Sydney Australia asks- What should I be doing every day, and how much
time should I spend on each activity if I want to have success building an MLM
business online? I love that question- what should I be doing
every day? And we kind of touched this upon on Simon Says episode one When, I forgot the name of the person who asked that question What, how do I get started
with online duplication? Because all success, number one it starts with the activity A lot of times, especially we focus more on
results But if you focus on activity You get the results, right so before
anything, I always talk about number one step Is think and visualize, visualize
that you are gonna do these things know the book I busted out “Think and
Grow Rich” This is my original copy, you know I’ve
been in Network Marketing since 2003 I got this in 03′, it’s like stains over
it, has actually it’s funny A bookmark from ESPN Magazine from 2003. It’s actually in there a bookmark. When the subscription was like $15 only.
I actually don’t read ESPN Magazine anymore I wonder how much it is And then uh, all my original notes here But the first thing is you have to think
and visualize yourself being Top leader and crushing it with Online Duplication So what should you be
doing every day? So this is your DMO Your Daily Method of Operation okay So we’ve kind of touched a little bit, on the last episode But we’ll go a little more
into detail And the DMO is really 3-5-5-3 Okay and I’m gonna add something here as what we didn’t talk about on the first episode You’re gonna do PH and then TEAM Ok 3-5-5-3 easy to
remember, one it’s kind of like like a pyramid shape right three five
five three. So first 3- what does it stand for? First three and that is
content- you’re gonna create three pieces of content every day okay, three pieces
of content every day What’s the best type of content content?
Content that inspires, educates and entertains Right, inspires, educates and entertains That is the type of content that people
share. You wanna make people feel good people don’t remember what you tell them,
they remember how you make them feel So your content should make them feel good- so I’m gonna give you a little framework that you can use the first thing you can
do is easy content is- teach teaching, if you teach, if you learned
something on the show teach it if you learned something from yesterday’s, the
first episode Simon Says, teach it Right, by the way we go three episodes a
week every Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday Can catch us on Facebook on MLM Nation, or
catch us on YouTube as well All right for those they asked
about how to submit a question Go to MLMNation.com, that’s how you submit a question. But you want to teach so Sometimes you go, “well I don’t know, I’m
new, I don’t, what qualifications do I need to teach” Yet that is really school
mentality, the school mentality, employee mentality Where we feel we gotta
graduate, have a certification You don’t need any certification to teach. All you need to be is one step ahead of what everyone else, one chapter ahead of
everyone else, and you’re good enough to teach You know, a very famous professor they
asked him “what qualifies you to be a professor He said “I’m always one chapter
ahead of the students” You know a little bit more and you if you’re watching this You know a little bit more already than most people out there, and I just shared with you Focus on activity and not on events Right, not as results That again, you can share that, so teach some something and educate them Right, and that’s one of the easiest ways To create content. Another thing
you can do is teach/help Help, and you can post this content
in groups, I highly recommend One piece of content of the three, should be inside some type of group So you’re providing value, you become like
an expert, you’re a giver because people like givers. So teach. Number two is-
you’re gonna share your journey right share your journey and includes
vulnerabilities so something that you have had a challenge
and you’re growing out of that So for example one of the things that I
grew up with, in the last episode I talked about you know I had a low self-esteem,
right but Network Marketing helped me bring up out the self esteem and now I’m teaching
and helping people, that another thing was with me I wasn’t very disciplined, I
know I couldn’t do this activity right but I had this checklist that helped me
stay disciplined right, I’m growing and creating that time 4:30 to
6:00 p.m. every day working on the business Creating a schedule, so sharing
your journey while you’re working on it could be your a weight challenge, it
could be a health challenge, it could be timing management thing you’re going
through, share your things your vulnerabilities and your journey and
what you’re doing because the fact that two things to happen- number one, when you
improve you inspire other people people are watching you and also even if you’re
new you haven’t improved yet the fact that you’re doing something about it is very inspiring it’s always inspiring for people who actually want to take ownership on life, do something about it So number two is to share your journey Number three, third type of
content is- Inspirational, right, inspirational is
something that inspires people. Could be an image quote, it could be something you
read, share, inspire people. So three- first three is
content. Now, first five is you’re gonna meet five friends, go to the Facebook
groups and meet five friends, engage The best groups to join are groups that
actually not business-related because everyone has an agenda,
go join groups where people are providing value, right, of interests, of
hobby So for example like a running group, where people are sharing tips I recently joined a baseball group in the Southern
California area, for my son I want to learn what’s going on, what type of events, what type of tournaments, tips Right, I’m joining those groups and as I’m
learning about you know raising my kids and new at first-time experience for me,
coaching baseball and helping out I’m sharing my tips in there as well so, meet
friends, five friends, add them And we can talk about this in a later
episode, but one easy way to meet friends is using CLAM, right clam stands for
comment like, add, and message. Comment, you like a post, you add a friend, and you message them. So you go to Facebook group find something you like, comment, you like
it, add that person, and you message that person “Hey what’s up, hey I love the post you talked about your son
hitting the baseball, really awesome video”, love to connect with you, also I
have my my son, six year old as well”. Just comment and connect with them okay Next one, next five Second, next five, is invite five. Just asking five people whether they’re open to taking a look at your business.
Now this is not about whether they’re gonna join or not, just asking them. If you get five knows five ‘Nos’, five no replies That’s okay, you’re gonna move on, your requirement everyday get focus on activity and not
the results. Next five is follow-up So these follow-up could be people who are in the past, you know in the past The friends you haven’t talked to, you know just connecting, reconnecting it could be with people you invited, or people that watched the
presentation But I want you to follow up with five people If you do this- five friends
and 5 invites, you should have tons of people. This is just a bare minimum, you can
easily follow up with 20-25 people a day. And third, by the way when I say this, you use messenger, Facebook messaging It’s awesome, I love Facebook messaging
because you have a track record of all the previous messages you’ve sent, it’s
all there right And then it’s also easy, one click and check out what they’re doing before you message Before you follow up with them, because you go
to their Facebook profile The last three, you want three people to look at a presentation Whether it’s online or offline and since we’re an online show We talk about online, by way even though we’re an online show, the principles of Network Marketing are the same. Whether you’re using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. home
meetings, hotel meetings the principle, the psychology of humans’ the same still relationship business you’re just using a different tool, different vehicle but the psychology, principles are the same the same The values are the same, so you can get people
to look at a presentation, could be three way call, three way messaging, send
them the video So send three people, so where did these three people come from? Come from your friends, come from the invites, or follow up. People
that you reached out to, maybe before they said no you, follow up with them, to
see if it can be three people you send them a video. If you do this again
your gonna rock it in your business. So the last two is PD, actually should be
PD not PH. I was thinking of PhD Getting a PhD in Network Marketing , actually getting a PhD in Network Marketing doesn’t actually make you money, you have
to do activity. DMO that makes you money. But PD personal development is
important, so personal development spend 10-20 minutes a day on personal
development okay, ten to twenty minutes a day It could be a podcast, MLM Nation It could be a video, watching Simon Says, and by the way, a book The best time to do personal development is during your downtime Okay, the best time is during your
downtime, meaning that you do it while you’re driving, when you’re listening, or
your lunch break, something like that when you’re eating food and you’re
watching, best times is during your downtime. The worst time is during
your income producing activity times okay and I’m gonna talk about time,
before we wrap up, I’m gonna talk about time management. So personal development, the next thing is team. Talk to your upline, talk to your downlines every day. Call your upline mentor every
day, it doesn’t need to be a 30-minute call. It could be five, six minutes,
keep it short with your team. Okay basically, what should you talk about?
Wh did you reach out to, who did you did follow up with. What signups are you getting
this week or customers you are getting this week. Third thing, should talk about- do you need help what do you need help with, okay,
So communicate with your team. Now, this, all this, mostly Network Marketing is built part time. If you are saying “Oh I don’t have
time to do that, it’s so much” It’s not a problem with time, it’s your lack of time
management. You can all do this in nooks and crannies of your day. So I’ll give an example right First off, you gotta schedule it If you don’t schedule
your time you’re not going to be able to have time to do this, because there’s a
thing called Parkinson’s Law where things always fill up a vacuum, so maybe
you’ve had the garage or that closet you gotta clean out during the
weekend, and what happens in the weekend? It never happens right, because things always come up, life happens So you gotta schedule this in,
if you don’t schedule you could be distracted. You can be doing maybe too
much personal development and not enough activity. So schedule the day, I’ll give
an example what it works Wake up in the morning, wake up 15 minutes early
and make one post in the group. And then connect with a couple of people. Go and make one post in the group Go to that group and like, CLAM- comment, like,
add, message one or two posts out there and add friends, so you can add two
friends and one post for the 15 minutes. By getting off 15 minutes
earlier, like you get to work And maybe 10 minutes early at work, or five minutes
you can go and follow up with one person And in another episode I talk
about how to follow up with your prospect. One or two follow-ups, invite,
you look at your list and you can send an invite. And this is
the online duplication you don’t need hours of 30 minutes on the phone this is
simply sending a message out there, okay, doing the minimal. And then if someone is
interested, in the afternoon during your lunch break. You can follow over your messages,
again during your lunch break instead take an hour lunch. You can take a 20 minute, a 15
minute lunch, spend the rest of your lunch break send a video follow up, during
your coffee breaks, bathroom breaks Go check your phone, send out one or
two other invites, go back to your Facebook group, send out a content okay, maybe while you do to the lunch break you have little more time you can work on your
second piece of content, and then during when you get home work on the third
piece of content So this business It fits on nooks and crannies of the day. when I build
my business it was during like in the lunch break, I would spend little time there, after did have the time after my job allowed me from 4:30 to 6:00 to build a business.
And the rest of the time was here and there in between jobs, in between work I
had like 5-10 minutes, send 1 or 2 messages out there. Do this 3-5-5-3 for one month Just one month, any you have incredible
things happen in your business Even 5 days straight, you have more people
looking and your presentation than you ever have ever had in your business. So there you go that’s today’s training Hey thank you for watching Simon Says Thank you for being on here, hey this is the show where you get to attract online, recruit
online, and duplicate online Now it’s over to you, so if you got a question go to MLMNation.com To submit your question there and looking forward to having you on the show. I’m Simon Chan, i’m loud and proud to be
of this amazing profession be able to contribute value to you and now it’s
your turn and remember we’re in the profession to help others so go out
there, have a positive impact and someone’s like today, God bless you all.