Watch today’s episode to find out how to make
your clients choose your coaching services over your competition because of your unique
value proposition. All about helping you go from passion to profits
in your coaching business. Hi there, coach, it’s Carolin Soldo here,
and today, I want to help you feel unique and stand out online. Maybe you’re a new coach and you’re looking
around the industry and you see coaches who have programs that are similar to yours, or
maybe a little better, and you’re wondering, “What makes me stand out? Why would anybody choose my services over
my competition?” And I know what that feels like. It can really hurt your confidence if you’re
not quite sure what makes you unique. Stay tuned, because I’m also going to give
you my complete coaching business branding guide, and with the guide, you’re going to
be able to build a brand step by step to bring your value proposition to life. Before we dive in, make sure you hit the bell
icon and you subscribe so you get notified when new episodes drop every Wednesday. So what is a unique value proposition, or
UVP? Your unique value proposition is essentially
one sentence or one statement that tells your audience why you’re the best man or women
for the job, and why they should be hiring you over your competition. You can use it on your website, on your opt
in pages, on your emails and your social media, everywhere you want to really tell your story
and set yourself apart. But more than that, it will help you as a
person gain the inner strength, and gain the clarity and confidence to show up as a real
star. So my value proposition would be something
like, well, I help my clients gain at least three times more clients than my competition,
and I help them do that in at least 50% less time. And I say that because my goal is to help
you not only build a thriving business, but also build an amazing lifestyle, and do the
things you want to do, not just in business, but in life as well. Additionally, I would say I’m really proud
of a couple of things. I’m an immigrant, I’ve come to this country
with nothing, a couple of hundred dollars, and I’ve built the life I have today from
ground zero. I also have two little boys, so I’m a mom. I have an amazing husband, and I can truly
say that I’ve found my soulmate. And I’ve built a multi-seven figure business. So my unique value proposition and where I
draw my confidence from is a combination of the things I’ve accomplished in my past, my
story, and also my personality and the things that are really important to me in my life. So now that you have an idea of what a UVP
really is, let’s dive in and build your unique value proposition. When you think about your UVP, I want you
to think about the three Ps. The first P is purpose, and purpose stands
for your story and your background. So your purpose is your story, and that can
never be copied. That gives you fire and drive to do the difficult
things you need to do in your business every single day, and that’s the first piece in
your value proposition. For me, my purpose is a combination of me
being German, being an immigrant, being a mom, a wife, having a master’s degree, and
having built two multimillion dollar businesses, which have taught me a lot, and have turned
me into the person I am today. Let’s talk about the fun stuff. Your personality. Your personality drives everything you do,
every single day, and the one thing I hear so many coaches say is, “Oh my God, what if
people don’t like me? What if my personality is not fun enough or
not outgoing enough, or not interesting enough?” Guess what? There’s no right or wrong when it comes to
personality, because you are who you are, and I always say if I can’t be myself in my
business, it’s not worth it, so I want you to let the pressure come off, relax into who
you really are, and begin to really love yourself for those things. The third P stands for people. Make sure that your UVP always talks about
client results, very important. Yes, it’s about you, but most importantly,
it’s about the people you’re going to serve, and the results they can expect from working
with you. So if you’re brand new, and you’ve never worked
with a client, that’s okay. I want you to think about your own personal,
tangible, and intangible results that you have accomplished for yourself, and over time,
you will gain more clients, and you’ll be able to talk about their results in your UVP
as well. Now remember, your UVP is a combination of
people, purpose, and your personality, so you mix those three together and you create
one sentence or one statement and then integrate that into your website, your emails, your
opt in pages, your flyers, your talks, and literally everywhere else, and always keep
it top of mind, because it will guide you in everything you do in your business. And I wanna see your UVP, I wanna see what
makes you unique. Put your UVPs below in the comments below
the video, and I’m gonna give you my personal feedback. Now that you know what your unique UVP is,
you can take the next step and actually build a brand based upon it, and I have a very special
guide of you today. It’s our free Coaching Business Branding Guide,
and in the guide, it will show you step by step how to bring your UVP to life in the
form of a brand, a color scheme, a logo, tag line title, and all the other important things
you need to be creating for you coaching business to make sure people actually understand how
you differentiate and you can really go out there and truly shine. And if you wanna take it one step further
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