Hello and welcome to our channel today I’m going to teach you how to use zikanalytics product research tool and this is also an update for the first time watching this video just visit our channel and watch the quick guide for your guidance on our tutorials and don’t forget to subscribe here in zikanalytics always remember zikanalytics created for us to search the hot selling items here on eBay this is not designed to copy the product we’ll see here it is to give us an idea to find selling items before we start this zikanalytics before we go to search here don’t forget to “add to chrome” the zik boaster I’ll explain later what’s the use of it here in zikanalytics we have high competition product this is the product with a high volume of sellers like cell phone case tripod cable charger or mouse and keyboard these items have a high volume of sellers It’s hard to compete with these sellers this is the low competition product that we don’t often see it online like food storage garden hose, extension cord gym mat or back support these are the products that not often purchased online not often seen online this is the low competition products here on zik we will sean an item, this is the dashboard once you’re logged in if we click this eye icon, it will bring us to dashboard this icon and this is the product research, they are just the same with the button here they just made another button for easy access competitor research and this is the category research here if our client has a specific category that selling on her store here we will use the category research and this is for big seller client that has 10, 20, 30 stores here on eBay because we can have multiple stores here on eBay and they also have wholesale product research, here they also have that and if you want to learn more on their tutorials they have academy here, the zikanalytics academy and here in management panel, here we’ll setup that I’ll teach in another video on how to setup zik so, now let’s do the product research what I am going to do here on zik is product research and like what I’ve said before what product are we going to search here, for us to see the other drop shipper let’s search the product with low competition for example, I’ll search the food storage then click search we will see here the different type of food storage each of every item here are with different seller here we can see it what are we going to do is, we’ll scan them I’m going to click the box here to select them all and I’ll click the zik selection so here in zik the other client here, what they doing is they copying the product but zik created for us to see the hot selling items and to see the product that is selling or just to get an idea on what is the selling items and we can list similar product or another design of the selling product that is the use of zikanlaytics but our clients, what they do is copying the product so here if we scroll down we will see the sellers country if we don’t have a zik boaster we don’t see those country Here, if I click this icon we will scan the seller we’ll visit his store and these are they feedback what I am going to do is I’ll click this star icon, amount of feedback to set this up from lowest to hight and here what I am going to do, as you can see they have 26 feedback here meaning this seller is new they are new seller and what I am going to do is I’ll search for 500 feedback and up or up to 8000 to 10,000 feedback this seller I am going to search here, as we can see there’s a 497 feedback which is we can consider it just remember don’t search for china don’t search for Singapore don’t search for Vietnam because their product is from china, so they are cheaper it’s difficult to compete this is just for me I’m not going to waste my time to Search for eBay US seller for these countries because I can find a lot here like Bulgaria, United States, or Israel, Malaysia we can copy that now what I am going to do is… I’ll scan this star fire I’m going to visit his store this is the star fine and and this is his store name I can search for his store name here in competitor research this is the use of competitor research paste and search we can use this if we can find a good seller we can save it in a spreadsheet in one zik account sometimes it has a lot of users and for me, my tip is if you’ve searched a good seller save it in a spreadsheet so now we have add to watch list here for example, this seller harrad if he is a good seller if we can see his items for example, this is his sales so, if you like this seller and you like the items he sells just click the add the watch list to save it here on your zikanalytics account I’ll write “good seller” and save that’s how to save a seller so now where we can see it if we go back here on zikanalytics I’ll click these settings and I’ll click my competitor list this is we add here on watch list here we find them, this is his name if you click this name you will go to his store here in zik that’s the use of add to watch list and now here we go to star fire we will use it just for example our client has a category or criteria criteria of sellers and product that we will be going to search for example, as we can see here at the top we scan this seller in 30 days some client wants is 5 sold in 30 days and some client wants is that has sold 2x in 7 days so if he says 7 day 2 sold just change it to 7 days and search just like that now here we will search for a product what I am going to do here, we will see their sales here if how many times they sold this product he got 5 here, here are 3 and 2 and these are the prices fo the products the current price so here what is the use of this cross and what is the use of this… this green button that’s the question most people ask so, I’ll give an example, if I click this button meaning we will see the exact item that we were looking for so, we’ll not do the product research, here it will be seen immediately but this not accurate as you can see, it sells 22$ on amazon and here on eBay is 25 we can’t get a profit here for example, I’m going to search this this bench and I’ll click the green button as you can see here it’s different so this is not accurate that’s why this green button and the red button is not really important for me but the new things here on zikanalytics, for example we will search for this product we’ll click this green button if we want to search it on Amazon we can click this icon and if we want to search it on Aliexpress we can click this Aliexpress icon if we want on walmart we can click the Walmart icon or on google so it will be easy for us to find a product now what I am going to do is I’ll go herein star fire I am going to search for this trick or treat item but we will start here at first item from the first item downward then I’ll click the title to get me on eBay and we have 3 ways of product research here we can search the title right-click and search google for this title we can click this photo right-click and search google for image or the description right-click search google for that’s how product research is I’m going to find this on Amazon I’m going to click this amazon.com here Amazon.com there a Pinterest but let’s go to Amazon for example, our client supplier is Amazon as we can see here is this the item? so, this is it this is the item here it has different main photo but if we check the other images here on Amazon.com it is just 9.99$ Only here on eBay is 19.99$ so, we can get a good profit we can get a huge profit here or we can also get a similar item here, like what is suggested that just 8.99 they are the same similar item and much cheaper and much better this is much better than the first item we search that is the use of zikanalytics that’s how to search for product so we can list this item directly to eBay and always remember it needs to be sold or fulfilled by Amazon here sold and fulfilled by Amazon here we can see it just always remember so we found a profitable item this is the exactly what we are going to do over and over this is the job what we are doing here On eBay dropshipping we’ll search for a product and we’ll list an item what we search here, that’s what we’ll list then we will just be going to search these items in order we’ll search it one by one and in our next video I’ll teach you on a how to list a product on eBay manual and to dropshipping tools and strategies here on zikanalytics on how to find profitable items and on how to find items with different suppliers or manual research without using any tools thats the manual product research that’s what I am going to teach you next time and also the client criteria just stay tuned and thank you